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Charles Fischer

Did You Read Canzano's Admission?

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The article about the massive decline of the Eugene Register-Guard got me to thinking about the publishing business, and I think we have all noticed the huge difference in how John Canzano writes these days.  No click-bait, no bait-and-switch with a bit less sensationalism.  Instead taking a negative stance about a team to get clicks...he is asking "why?" and getting answers.  I can feel a partnering approach with teams, versus an adversarial one.


What is below is what he wrote in a recent column, and I can confirm it as the metrics that websites look at, and what he personally wrote to me in an email years ago.  He said in that email...."sometimes you have to stir the pot."   Not now he doesn't...


John Canzano   (May 20th)


"I’ve talked a lot in this space about the importance of being well sourced. There’s a shortage of sourced, trusted, in-depth reporting out there. The loss of institutional knowledge and sourcing at some news outlets is scary.


I lived and worked in the traditional newspaper world for nearly three decades at six different papers. It was a wonderful place to grow and work — once upon a time. There are still a few places with high standards doing it well. Over time, the emphasis in the industry became less about quality of content and more about driving page views and advertising revenue.


I saw it up close in annual reviews that measured my job performance by the number of posts I created and how many readers I brought to the website. The metrics even measured how long the reader stayed on the page to read.


The irony is that solid, sourced, compelling, trusted work brings readers to your work and keeps them there. More people will read me this year at JohnCanzano.com than at any point of my writing career. Not because I’m trying to be sensational, shocking and outlandish but because I’ve got the goods and love to share them with readers."


The irony of the article about the Register-Guard?  It was written by the Oregonian!




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Mr. FishDuck

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Good points Charles.


As a subscriber to Canzano’s column, I have noticed a softening in his tone from his Oregonian days, but he still can be critical…..but fair. Case in point, the Blazers, who are a mess.


But I don’t think a reporter or columnist should ever be viewed as being in “partnership” with anyone they write about, and perhaps there is a better description.


He certainly is less combative.

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Ironic because I specifically cancelled the Oregonian because of Canzano's schtick.....I wonder if the geniuses in charge over there ever calculated those subscription losses when they were counting clicks?

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