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  1. The only acceptable renaming of The Civil War was the one bequeathed upon the series in my Freshman year, 1983: The Toilet Bowl
  2. What if the recruiting sites have a logic fallacy built into their methodology? They start from the premise of a Top 300 5-stars every year, with regional sites dependent upon a geographical distribution to keep their subscriber base paying for 12 months of updates. From my cynical view, I suspect that every year most of the Top 300 come from a narrow geographical spread that is most likely not conducive to generating ongoing interest in following recruiting across the widest possible subscriber base. I further suspect that total talent is not consistent from year to year. So, by limiting yourself to 1-5 star scaling and an annual Top 300 and a need for the business model to "spread around" the clickbait, it would be easy to understand how a Haloti Ngata was really worthy of 10 stars, for example. While in another year maybe 5 different 3-star DE's from Florida might be equivalent to a 5-star DE from California in a year with more than average DE quality. Basically, what I am saying is that I don't trust the recruiting site and blue-chip ratio as much as many others do.
  3. Thank you for articulating what I couldn't.....I have had the same train of thought this season, tried posting some questions to get at it but fell short of your much more thorough analysis and framing. FWIW, from another guy whose only expertise is watching the Ducks for 40 years, one of the main answers is faulty recruiting rankings....specifically overrating West Coast players. Mariø, whose coaching and development chops have been questions, relied on these rankings to gain fanfare, publicity and brand awareness for the team based on a Duck fan base who was convinced that our only barrier to a Natty was blue-chip ratio. I am hopeful that Lanning is a better "coach" who can identify, develop and scheme in addition to recruiting well. Because that is what it takes to go from a perennial Top 10 to Top 4. Go find those under the radar 4 stars from the South and Midwest that make up the backbone of the Top 4's and seem to have a bigger development upside. In other words, I want to trust coaches more than website staff journos whose incentives are clicks, not wins.
  4. I haven't watched the Big-12 this year. I keep expecting TCU to drop a game figuring they were good but not great. Curious the thoughts of Big-12 watchers here regarding TCU.....legit Top 4 team or is the Big-12 light on contenders this year?
  5. Did Mike Parker precede Jerry as the "Voice of the Ducks"? I was a freshman in 83 and I have no idea who was on the call prior to Jerry & Jorgy in 1986
  6. Tyrone caught my eye a few times against A&M....he drives to the hole with some authority
  7. The last staff's supposed expertise was O-line. Maybe it was, but the offensive scheme never used the expertise. Lots of sacks, and RB's in the A gap getting scrummed. The same dudes, with a better coach and scheme are crushing their previous performance. That said, if Forsyth is dinged up and can't go, I am concerned this weekend.
  8. Pre-CFP Oregon had to schedule tough non-conference games to get traction in polls with strength-of-schedule since we played one more conference game to our detriment. At least that's how I remember it used to be....but take me with several grains of salt.
  9. Coach appears to be a rare talent in one sense at least: high IQ and EQ. He knows the game inside and out plus he is able elevate his coaches and players to high level of collective performance. In my time on many Boards, in the for- and non-profit sectors, these are the executive candidates that entities pine for and seldom find. Thanks, Joshua for a fine read!
  10. In this Dillingham interview with Feldman at one point in discussing his creativity, he says "The best coaches aren't stubborn....they continue to learn and grow." I instantly thought of MariØ
  11. Partly cloudy high 40's small chance of rain. Perfect conditions to whoop some Hooskies. Although I find myself with a tamped down hatred this year due to the Jimmy Lake firing. I need to build up my Kaelen De Boring antipathy. Hopefully, Coach KDB will give me some bulletin board material this week. Jimmy had a good trash talk game that he couldn't back up with gridiron prowess.
  12. Same story ever since Seattle entered the NFL......main reason I am no longer an NFL watcher until Wild Card playoffs begin. Nothing better than NFL playoffs in Pro Sports, Stanley Cup is a distant number 2, IMHO
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