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  1. This was an excellent post and pretty much mirrors my sentiments as well.
  2. Cheerleaders certainly are part of the game, but let’s be honest . Guys like to look at pretty girls, and perhaps that’s why on just about any telecast of a college football game the camera zooms in on the cheerleaders. But have you noticed they rarely, if ever, feature a male cheerleader? It’s because the person behind the camera is a guy. And what about the band? Not many close ups of the band and it’s a huge part of the game, too. I think it was Annie who commented that basically she could care less about the cheerleaders. She’s there to watch football, period. Totally understandable. Do I have a “problem” with cheerleader pix on FISHDUCK? Absolutely not. But then I’m a guy.
  3. It is definitely a concern. Signing day is months away. Riley will be all over this kid.
  4. Wow! That’s a lot of information. Let us know when he commits.
  5. “Relegated to the kids’ table.” That’s exactly where it feels like the PAC-12 is headed.
  6. Nice observation, and if that comes to pass, it does not bode well for schools like Oregon State and Washington State.
  7. With those numbers wouldn’t it have made more sense to stick around for another year?
  8. Agree with you on just about everything……except the Stanford game. Sadly, I think it did define the Ducks’ season……underperforming against relatively weak competition.
  9. I didn’t see Herbert and Mariota, both 3-stars, on the list, but several great Duck players were unheralded, including Jeff Maehl, one of the most reliable receivers in Duck history. A short list of other overachievers: Byrd. 969 Chung. UR Thurmond. 671 Hill. 576 Swinson. 509 Dorlus. 836 Unger. 616 Forsyth. 465 Williams. 425
  10. The Ducks’ second game is at home against Eastern Washington, which I am assuming they will win.
  11. Covering against Georgia would be a totally acceptable way to start the season. But if the Ducks expect to contend for a spot in the playoffs — a win over BYU at home is an absolute must. If a playoff berth is the ultimate goal the entire Pac-12 season becomes irrelevant if the Ducks start the season 1-2. So, my pick for the most important game is BYU.
  12. Is that first team all-Pac-12, and NBA draft pick Isaiah Mobley?
  13. I’m thinking B1G is the way to go……but only if Oregon is voted a full share of the media windfall, which is estimated at $1 billion. Taking that position, however, just might prevent the Ducks from getting an invite. The Pac-12-Big 12 merger would be the second option.
  14. It’s clear nobody at Fox or ESPN has read Chesterson’s Fence.
  15. Although I’m a relative newbie, having joined in Oct 2021, and sporadic poster, I nevertheless check in with the forum pretty much every morning. If you are a Duck fan it’s the best place to get up to date information and analysis from so many talented thinkers and writers. And what impresses most is the way Charles has established a monitoring system that assures the site remains civil, which in and of itself is an amazing accomplishment. Charles plays no favorites…..even to those he has friendships with. If you break the rules you will hear about it…….continue and you will be suspended or banned. FishDuck is the only site I’m on, but I know what occurs on other sites and I want no part of it. Thanks Charles. I know this is a labor of love for you, but I also realize you put in tons of work. It is much appreciated.
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