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  1. You play this game to win…….not to showcase Bo, or to give Ty “meaningful” snaps with the one’s.
  2. Yes, it's San Diego and I am going. If you choose to go, make sure you sit on the Pac-12 side of the stadium. It's much closer to the field.
  3. I think Shaw would be a great choice.
  4. I expect him to leave. It makes sense. His stock will never be higher than it is right now.
  5. That play was a head scratcher. And incredibly risky, especially with snake bitten Ty in the game. All he had to do was hand the ball off and instead, it appeared to me, he did a 6 inch lateral instead. Was Ty in the game because, had Nix been in there, it would have been obvious, on that specific play, he would hand the ball off? And what a time to be cute……with your backs to your end zone.
  6. The previous comparisons to DAT on this forum were, as it turns out, wishful thinking. And I agree with David……where does he fit, considering the transfers who have gobbled up playing time, and have exceeded expectations? A transfer seems likely.
  7. Do you know something we don’t know?
  8. I agree on the burst…. But not on the vision. Dye’s instincts are phenomenal.
  9. When I read this I could tell something was up. Leaving it up to the player to say when he is ready to play just didn’t sound right. While Cardwell showed promise after an excellent freshman season, he does not have the lateral agility and quickness of either Bucky or Noah, both of whom can find the crease similar to the way Travis Dye did for the Ducks. I expect to see Cardwell transfer.
  10. If you’re going to lose it’s always better to lose early, even if you get clobbered.
  11. Oregon’s best, perhaps only, path to the playoffs is for the Ducks to win out, and for USC to go undefeated in the Pac, then fall to Oregon in the championship game. I wouldn’t bet on that scenario. But I see it as the only way the Ducks make the final four.
  12. No, it’s not just you. The kid is uncomfortable, lacks confidence, and yes, he appears scared to death. He may have a big arm, but there are lot of QB’s with big arms that turn out to be flops. He’s trending that way. Butterfield needs to see the field. He deserves a shot. With Nix running as much as he does, the possibility of injury is a concern. The Ducks need a reliable backup and Thompson clearly is not the guy.
  13. Either that, or he’s injured…..yet again.
  14. Isn’t SHOUT for the fans, not the players? I think the players, all the players, should keep their heads in the game.
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