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Canzano: Thanks for Nothing, Larry Scott

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Every Pac-12 member facing a $5.7 million hangover.


Every Pac-12 member facing a $5.7 hangover.


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The level of incompetence considering Larry's compensation is beyond words.  I could have been far less incompetent for much less money!


He thought he knew
what he was doing...


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Mr. FishDuck

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I replied to this great take by JC on his site.


Briefly, the conference should have already filed a counter-claim against the terminated executives and cross-claimed against Scott.


But paying this guy $1.5M in severance does not help if the conference ever goes against Scott. 


SMH at the continuing financial mismanagement of the conference with only (Eat) Crow and Block (Head) left from the gurus who hired the guy in the first place and then enabled his spendthrift ways.

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