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Under Cristobal: No Promised Land Without Dramatic Changes

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On 10/3/2021 at 10:45 AM, Mike West said:

This goes beyond personnel.


There is a QB in his second year in the NFL that is better than TT.  His name is Justin Herbert.


Many a person will disagree with my premise.


Justin Herbert has a natural feel for the game that TT lacks.  Despite my "belief" in the extraordinary JH, he struggled  immensely under MC's tenure as HC.


There is a "structural flaw" in MC's program.  It's a mental aspect that so far is a  constant factor one should consider as the reason Oregon has reached its peak as a title contender.   


You don't see that flaw in perennial championship caliber teams.  


Until that flaw is destroyed, the pattern we see emerge ever so consistently will continue.

“Justin Herbert has a feel for the game that TT lacks.” How do we know? Let’s put the kid in there and see what he can do.



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On 10/3/2021 at 9:40 AM, 30Duck said:


 1 time out of 10, Oregon will beat Ohio State?


On 10/3/2021 at 9:40 AM, 30Duck said:


 1 time out of 10, Oregon will beat Ohio State?

It feels like OSU also may have thought they could play more of a vanilla game at home against the young Ducks because their D didn't change much after getting burned several times. Their QB also made some awful throws at very key moments. Oregon did amp up as the underdog. 


It does seem like the Oregon D line seems to wear down O lines by the 2nd half. 

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On 10/3/2021 at 8:22 AM, Jon Joseph said:


Great observations. It is concerning that we saw a talented young QB retrogress last season. Seems  that we are witnessing the same with a CFB QB who is about as mature as one can get.


I thought from game 1 that Ty needed to see the field. I have seen nothing to change my mind. I just hope that TY will be coached up?


I am starting to think that Moorhead is more the OC he was at MS ST and not at Penn St when he had Barkley in the backfield?


Brown was pretty good in the pac12 championship game last season. 


Thompson should have gotten 4 qtrs worth of action against Fresno, Stoneybrook and Az to get him ready for pac12 play. 

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If the teams switched QBs yesterday, the Ducks win by 4 scores, easily. 


I have a bad feeling that Mario will stick with  Brown and some or all of the others will transfer. 

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Part of the problem with the Ducks is terrible play calling—-very little play-action, no mis-direction, little creativity, too predictable and some play calling that is simply terrible. They were badly outplayed by Arizona and would have lost that game if not for the interceptions thrown by the Arizona quarterback. Against Stanford, with a few exceptions, they looked like a second-tier high school team.

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I've always thought a well placed bye week in the schedule could be a turning point in a season. A chance to heal and work on weaknesses. Fix some mistakes and get some prep time for up coming games and salvage what's left of the season. For the first time, I am now also grateful for the break as a fan. I want the bad taste from that last game to be long gone before I can cheerfully throw another "O".


There's a lot to be happy about when it comes to our beloved Ducks and there are tons of outstanding memories. Whenever I need cheering up I just need to remember Jameis Winston falling on his ass in the Rose Bowl. I'm not jumping off the bandwagon, but I don't feel like pulling it either. Life is full of disappointments. I don't like any of them.

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On 10/3/2021 at 3:16 AM, oregon112 said:

When do you move a player down?   ANSWER: When you are sure he isn't going to get better. 


Brown has had 5 games and this was his worst. 

Other players on the team have gotten better.  Some, I just don't think will be that great, but they still provide depth. 


The offense can change with a new QB.  The defense needs bigger changes.  Stanford drove 90 yds in 2 minutes.  All due to the wrong scheme. 

Helfrich did himself in when he hired Brady Hoke and stuck with him.  Why did they allow a first down on that 2nd and 15 or 20?  Just tackle them in bounds short of the chains and burn out the clock. 


Will Cristobal stick with Brown?   Will Cristobal stick with the defensive scheme that doesn't cover receivers?



When Oregon used to lose 'big games' like  LSU and Ohio St before this year, they did it largely because their linemen couldn't compete.  But against Stanford, the Ducks had better linemen.  Oregon was taking over the game in the second half. 


Stanford won with a better QB and better offensive and defensive schemes.   Watching your favorite team underperform is hard.  All we want as fans is for this team to play up to their potential.  Then if they lose to Alabama or Georgia in the playoffs, we will say it was a good year just to get there. 


But this loss feels like the losses to Boise St.  We know we should be winning games like this. 


Just like my criticism with Brown, who isn't improving, Cristobal also isn't improving the schemes.  Many players are improving, which is very good. 

Dye and Verdell fought hard to break tackles and get extra yards - something missing from their game for a long time. 


There are still 7 games left plus another one or two, depending on how things go.  I want to see the schemes improve this year.  The defense took a downturn this year and the offense has been not good since Cristobal took over. 


This is a rebuilding year.  Not rebuilding the players, but rebuilding the identity of Oregon football and what the game plan is.  I just want to start seeing plays and schemes that make sense for modern college football. 

But for that last drive with 30 yds coming from 3 questionable calls...

the defense played great in 2nd half.


And Stanford only won because we allowed them to. They, and their qb are middle of the Pac. We are better at every position, we need to show it and play it!

Time to spark it up, start TT. With CJ out, we need a good down field passing attack. 

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