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In two weeks we are?

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This won't be a contest, but what do you think the next two weeks will see for our Ducks. I bring this up as one poster stated the Oregon Bandwagon will be open and full again once the Ducks get rolling again, what will we see over the next couple weeks.


My prediction is an underwhelming win against the Bears, maybe 28-24 and then a loss against the Bruins where CK hangs 40 plus points on us. We struggle and the calls for change grow louder, and more forceful.


We then have another opportunity for change when the Buffs come to town. The question then will be, does Mario make the change. The game after that and a loss would send the fan base into a frenzy. 


Without a game I think it will be interesting to see where everyone thinks we are heading. To me the ship is slowing down and turning sideways, and it isn't easy to right the ship.




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Good question. I’m not sure about two weeks, but I expect 3-4 additional losses without improvements in QB play and/or defense. As of now, statistically, we have mediocre QB play and below average defense. Not a formula for success. 

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