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Questions Raised After Ducks Win in the Desert

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Arizona State has the nations most deviously designed stadium. It is no joke, the stadium is designed so that during afternoon games the away crowd will have the sun in their eyes for the duration of the game. To be honest, I have no idea if the choice to have the sun set into the eyes of the away fans ...


Arizona State has the nations most deviously designed stadium. It is no joke, the stadium is designed so that during afternoon games the...
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Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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Ryan, how on Earth did the Ducks lose to the huskies is the $64,000.00 dollar question.....


I agree with you that after the game in Sesttle both teams have been headed in opposite directions. The only common demonitor is they are both winning their games.....


In every aspect the Ducks dominated the huskies except on the scoreboard.


The huskies, including and since the Duck game have made the one or 2 plays needed each game to win. They do just enough. But they find away to hold on and win...


That just makes me puke, again!


Just like OBD's did against Texas Tech.... the huskies make the plays needed to win....


When the Ducks could have closed the game out in Sesttle, with a first down, the huskies stopped the Ducks. The huskies made the plays!


Even then the Ducks drove down the field in the final seconds to tie the game. Sadly Cam missed the FG. 


Of course DL made some coaching decisions that kept potential points off the board. However, through out the game in critical 4th down situations, the husky D stopped the Duck O from executing!


The huskies made the plays when needed to best the Ducks. Just typing that makes me puke, again!


DL, his staff and some of the players are 0-3 against the huskies and beavers. They all get the chance for redemption the next 2 weeks.


The stakes are high and for this fan will define DL's early coaching career. Win out, go 12-1, revenge your losses and make your case for a CFP invite.


Thats all in the Ducks control!


First things first, destroy the Beavers on national tv. Nothing in the Ducks football world matters......


Do not let Beavus send us to San Diego again!


I am confident that DL and staff will have the players prepared and ready for the CFP play in game against the beavers.


Go Ducks...beat the beavers!

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Well, Oregon beat USC by nine in Autzen, and the Huskies beat the Trojans by ten in the Coliseum.  I can't complain overall with the Washington game, as we had our chances.  


But I think an analyst on the Pac-12 Network today said it best, "if there was an award for the most pissed-off team in America....Oregon would win it hands-down. They have been playing with a sense of mission and intensity since that loss like no other team."


Brandon Dorlus_Oregon Football Eric Evans.jpg

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Mr. FishDuck

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