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What Could Bo’s Numbers Have Been in 4 Quarters

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There are times when I am a bit disappointed when they pull Bo out so early when he is having a stellar game.  Just want him to pad his stats for the Heisman.  But I certainly understand protecting him from injury.


I keep pulling for Thompson but he is still inconsistent and error prone. Worry some!   That is very concerning going into the final 2-4 games.  I really believe the Ducks have another chance to win it all.  If Bo stays healthy.


I watched the Washington -OSU game and it was another lucky win by the Huskies. Michael Penix looked terrible.  No more excuses. He is immensely talented but looked average against OSU.  I heard a commentator say it was all drops that failed him. Not true.  He threw numerous bad passes some not remotely close.  I think his completion percentage was 46% and his total passing yards were really low 162.  Total yards 272.   OSU QB gave Washington this win in my opinion.  

No doubt the Ducks will play them in the PAC-12 Championship.  I just hope this re-match does not include any ridiculous forth down calls that contributed to the Ducks losing to the Huskies 2 times in a row. And finally pulling for Camden Lewis to to contribute to Oregon CRUSHING the Huskies in the PAC -12 championship game.  Oregon is a much better team.  

Congrats to brilliant Coach Lanning for his contract extension. We are blessed to have this coaching staff!

Go Ducks!

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My reaction is who the HELL cares what his stats would be for four quarters. Statistics are for losers: The decision to pull Bo was for the good of the team so as to minimize the prospects of an unnecessary injury in a blowout. How would it be if by some freakish happenstance, Bo suffered a knee injury that ended his, and likely Oregon's, season short of the teams goals when Bo didn't need to be in there. Bo strikes me as a competitor, and I'd bet he'd much rather have the opportunity to lift the National Championship Trophy than the Heisman Trophy if he were asked that question.

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