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Charles Fischer

"The Pac-12 Sucks; Our Teams are DISGUSTING" (From a Pac-12 Writer!)

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"It feels like a waste of my time watching these games."


When a conference beat-writer is starting to share this....yikes.  (Now I do have my doubts about his dedication to the conference and his craft, but....)  He does make some very interesting points, and Oregon is front-and-center in the conversation.  Whew!


3 Reasons Why Pac-12 Football Sucks by Nick Bartlett of Oregon Sports News


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Mr. FishDuck

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Truth hurts

The Pac12 stinks and no one cares, even them 

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OK Nik, but SC did frequently make the Rose Bowl, but was often with 1L left out of the champ game. At least SC showed up in these Rose Bowl games and didn't whine and lay down like the SEC runner up that often lost the Sugar Bowl. The only reason the SEC team lost of course was because it had no interest in playing an inferior opponent.


One season SC lost at an Oregon State team that finished in the top 25 and won its bowl game vs Pitt. Florida lost at home to Ole Miss. Florida played an Oklahoma team in the BCS champ game that SC would have wiped out. Clearly the BCS favored a 1L champ with the L coming at home over a 1L USC that lost on the road. OK frequently went to the BCS title game and lost to SEC teams. The Trojans would have defeated both teams.


How about 2001 when a deserving Ducks team was left out of the BCS champ game in favor of a Nebraska team that in its last game was destroyed in Lincoln by CU. A CU team that Oregon mauled in its bowl game.


The Pac-10 never got the benefit of the doubt in the BCS era. It was SC and the 9 dwarfs. 11 dwarfs when the conference expanded. Ever hear the media referring to a Clemson dominated ACC as a bunch of dwarfs?


Late night games suck and are ignored by folks on the east coast. Among other things these start times cost Luck, Gerhart and McCaffery, Heisman Trophies.


No bias? Why is a 1L Ducks team ranked behind a 1L Ohio State that the Ducks beat in Columbus? TOSU has yet to defeat a ranked opponent. The Ducks played Stony Brook; OH ST played Akron.


Good call on Oregon losing a game it shouldn't lose. Good call on many Pac-12 teams being unable and/or spending the money needed to compete on the highest level.


But when a Bama loses to a 2L team after a close loss against 2L Florida and stays at 5? Don't tell me there is no bias.


Don't tell me that the SEC's 'partner, CFB media cartel ESPN is not biased. It is. Follow the money.


And don't tell me that the NCAA went completely over the top when it sanctioned USC. The guy leading this lynching was the AD at Miami whose own house was on fire.


And Chip called out for using a recruiting runner. Talk about selective enforcement. And CAM was cleared because he didn't know his old man was shopping him, right?


Play for pay Ole Miss got a slap on the wrist compared to SC.


However, much of the fault does lie with the conference. A conference that allowed Larry Scott to start a network that never had a chance. A conference whose board of directors waited at least 5 years too long to fire Larry.


BTW, thanks for not pointing out that no BCS/Playoff champ to date played 9 scheduled conference games.


Thanks for the post Charles. But as of today this guy's takes are an insight into the obvious.

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