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Who ARE These College Football Playoff Committee People?

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“How did they leave out an undefeated conference champion from the Playoff? And then they push out the two-time national champion (who has only one narrow defeat) from the Playoff entirely? How biased is this Playoff Selection Committee?” I read the accusations about the integrity of the CFP Committee, and wonder whether their choices of playoff teams will negatively impact ...


“How did they leave out an undefeated conference champion from the Playoff? And then they push out the two-time national champion...
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Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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Great article....a very informative article.  Thank you Mike, (Grandpa Duck) for making the complex a whole lot easier to understand!

Mr. FishDuck

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Thanks, Mike. Great take.


The so-called Playoff has been flawed from the beginning. A 4-team invitational as determined by 13 humans is not a 'PLAYOFF.'  And 4 spots for 5 P5 champs would have engendered the type of outrage we have seen this season if the Pac-12 played 8 and not 9 conference games and a 1-loss Pac-12 champion was more often in contention. 


ESPN makes money off of the interim PO Ct. rankings before the final reveal. But this simply opens up the process and the committee to additional criticism. If there was a single ranking, Bama after defeating UGA would be 4. and not moving from 8 to 4. If Bama's in, B12 champ Texas is in without moving up from out of the top 4. 


Also, if the committee would adopt and use a standard measure of SOS, much of the heat would be off. After the conference champ games, champions Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Bama all had SOS superior to FSU. The committee's #1 assignment is to place the Best 4 Teams in the PO field and not the 4 teams with the best records. If records were all that mattered then the 2024 PO field would be Michigan, Washington, FSU, and Liberty. 


It's hard to argue that the committee muffed the top 4, especially after Bama beat UGA. 


Rose Bowl - The Bluest of Blue Bloods - Michigan with the most wins in CFB history and Bama with the 2nd most wins is hard to top. Add the spice of P2 B1G member Michigan vs. P2 SEC member Bama.


Sugar Bowl. UW went 13-0 in one of if not the deepest P5 conferences in 2024. And UW led CFB in passing offense. 12-1 Texas lost 1 game by 3 points to a top 25 team. This is another very attractive B1G vs. SEC matchup.


FSU has a beef but its best win came against No. 13 LSU. All of the 2024 Final 4 teams had better wins. 


There is a reason why professional sports playoffs are determined by order of finish in a given season and not by a committee. 


Next season, teams that miss because B12 champ Arizona would be seeded 4 with a 1st round bye and Liberty would take the 12 spot, what would be Oklahoma's slot at 10-2 including a win over Texas. 'What team did 10-2 Penn State, 10-2 Missouri, and 10-2 Ole Miss beat to get in and not us!' will ring from Norman.


And, 'How can a team, Liberty, that is 133 in SOS and did not play a P5 opponent qualify for the Playoff!'


So long as the selection process is subjective and secret, there will be outrage. Even in the NFL there is beefing when a division winner with fewer wins than several other teams makes the post-season. But, do you want to turn it over to computers? The 2001 Ducks say, 'HECK NO!'


Thanks again.

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