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Updated Bowl Projections (and no, UW, isn't on the list}

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I'd take that!  And thanks for posting it 30Duck...

Mr. FishDuck

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On 10/18/2021 at 5:56 PM, Charles Fischer said:

I'd take that!  And thanks for posting it 30Duck...


I could accept this but not like it?


This would mean that a 2L Oregon team wins the Pac-12? 


There is no team on the rest of the schedule and in the champ game that Oregon cannot defeat.


Interesting that Stewart Mandel of The Athletic has 2L B1G conference champ Ohio State in his latest projected final 4? Oregon did of course defeat Ohio State but the Buckeyes remaining SOS is far more difficult than what the Ducks has left. tOSU has to play Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State and will likely square off against a top 10 team in the B1G champ game?


Could this be another like the one where Ohio State lost to Va Tech at home and defeated Oregon in the champ game?


One thing that could goose the Ducks and the conference on Saturday? An unexpected USC road win at Notre Dame.


ND went down to wire vs FSU, a MAC opponent and Va Tech. SC is equal or better than these 3 teams that ND narrowly defeated.


ND will score. The game is on the shoulders of Slovis and a quality group of WRs.

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