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Michigan vs. Washington CFP Championship Pre-game Discussion

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What Washington has that most college teams do not are experienced, NFL-caliber playmakers.  Playmakers vs great offensive/defensive systems.  And KDB is wise enough to let his guys go out and make those NFL level plays (Oregon should have forced the ball up the field to Franklin more against Washington).


The Husky running game may struggle, especially without DJ, but if anyone can use a short passing game in lieu of running the ball, Penix and co. can.  Washington receivers manhandled our DBs in the screen game.  Look for Washington to stretch Michigan sideline to sideline to open up those running lanes later on.


It should be a good game.  I do agree with the sentiment that great defenses nearly always put a lid on great offensive systems, but only great playmakers can shut down other great playmakers.  Does Michigan have enough of them?

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I've been a Pac Conference fan going all the way back to the old Pacific Coast Conference when Idaho (the Pac Vanderbilt) was in the conference. And my detestation of the Big 10 goes back equally far into that Paleozoic football era It is worse than my dislike for the fuskies and I have no choice but to root for them. The only team in the B1G that I dislike more than Michigan is Ohio State, so my choice is obvious (to me at least).


I will still dislike the B1G, historically the most overrated conference in America. I will root for the Ducks there but for no one else as if next season.

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I am not sure how my post just above got posted to this thread. I meant it to go to Charles' thread about rooting for the Huskies. Sorry fricken I somehow screwed up.

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