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Charles Fischer

A COOL NEW FEATURE for the Our Beloved Ducks Forum!

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Unread Posts Feature.jpg

Ever thought about what a hassle it is to find where you left off on a topic when you come back hours later?  You don't recall how many posts were in the thread when you left and now you have to "go-fish" (pun intended) to see where the thread was finished when you last were in there reading it?

So the feature that I love, the "Unread Posts" feature, is something we all will love.  Click on the dot or star to the left of a topic and it will take you right where you left off reading last time!  So cool!

What is the difference between a star to the left versus a dot?  And why do most of you not see a star?  Because a star is a topic that you began, and when you have read all the posts--the star is not black, but it is still there in a transparent-kind-of-way.

A dot is there to the left of a topic someone else began and you've been enjoying reading through in the past...and now there are new ones to read.  Click on the dot and it takes you right to where you left off!

Mr. FishDuck

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Excellent!  Thanks!

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Everyday a new twist and something of value added to our beloved forum about the Ducks, about whom we love to learn, read, discuss, and argue about, in an oh-so-polite manner without ever saying s$%&*$rd, b@##@*d, or mo%$#@*$#$er.

That should be your header, Charles!

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