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Jon Joseph

ESPN+ 15 Games That Will Impact the 2024 Playoff

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Paywall. ESPN's Heather Dinich lists the 15 games in 2024 that, in Heather's opinion, will have the biggest impact on the 2024 Playoff Field.




No. 3 - Ohio State at Oregon - 10/12/24 - A B1G battle of the Os in Eugene. Wow!


No. 11 - Boise State at Oregon - 9/7/24 - Chance for the potential MW champ to make a Playoff impact. Ducks are 0-3 vs. the Broncos.


Other B1G Games -


No. 4 - Texas at Michigan - 9/7/24


No. 6 - Michigan at Ohio State - 11/30/24 


No. 9 - Michigan at UW - 10/5/24 - Will Harbaugh be on the Michigan sideline for these three games?


No. 12 - LSU vs. USC - 9/1/24 - Las Vegas


Other Games - 


No. 1 - UGA at Texas - 10/19/24 - The Grand Prix is also in Austin this weekend. Hotel rooms going for $14,000!


No. 2 - UGA at Alabama - 10/12/24 - Hotel rooms going for a 'cheap' $10,000. Same weekend as tOSU at Oregon.


7. - Oklahoma vs. Texas - 10/12/24  - Dallas 


No. 8. - Ole Miss at LSU  - 10/12/24 - Get your popcorn and IPAs ready for a quartet of impact games on October 12th.


No. 10. - Arizona at Utah - TBD


College Football News sees Oregon and USC both finishing 11-1 but 12-0 Ohio State with a win in Eugene plays SC for the B1G title. I see a rematch of the two Os in Indianapolis. ESPN SP+ has SC with the 2nd hardest SOS in the country in 2024. Oregon comes in at No. 13. Ohio State is not in the top 15.







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I like Heather but . . .


Boise State v Ducks only matters if the Broncos win.  Otherwise, ho hum for the Ducks and I'm a big believer in ho hum.


She is an SEC writer and so still has an usc hangover (when will they ever learn?)

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Yeah, Boise State and UW do not belong in any most important games lists.

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