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A New Regime For Herbert!

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Change is coming for the Chargers.  I hope this helps Justin.  He deserves the best!



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Great Hype video.  LA⚡'s working with the UofO "hype video" department??!!  😉


Oh and a nice audio touch there at the end.  Tapping into the marvel universe pop culture soundtrack from the climax of "Endgame".  👍

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The question is has Justin ever had a good head coach? 

He finally got some guidance on how to play QB when he got to the chargers. The arc on his ball changed which made him better than the fast balls he thru with the Ducks and he also has receivers now than can catch it.


Now all he needs is a coach that can put it all together and I think JH is just what the doctor ordered. 


I just noticed that he and his coach have the same initials, maybe that’s the trick!

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A new coach that is a proven winner is a good acquisition for the Chargers. 

I see that he has brought back Herbert’s “preferred” QB coach coach that left the Chargers last year to go to the Texans.

He also brought his DC from Michigan, and hired Greg Roman as OC. Roman worked with Harbaugh at Stanford.

Roman left the Ravens to work with Harbaugh. He has had great results as an OC in the league. He is the guy to hire to improve the Chargers running game. 

The Chargers need to protect Herbert. He takes too much of a beating.


The Chargers were over the salary cap last year and went 5 - 7 last year. Harbaugh will need to assess the players and determine what changes can be made. Improvements along the OL would be a good start. 

Once again Herbert needs to learn a new offense. There will be a learning curve, but the Chargers will be a better team with the changes already made. 

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Let's hope the synergy between the two works out that way. 

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