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Men's and Women's golf updates. 'I should have yelled, Two!'



Senior leadership shines for both squads.


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Given where you live Jon, I can't imagine even thinking of any other golf contests now with Masters week on the near horizon. Were I in your neck of the woods, I'd almost certainly be trying (almost certainly unsuccessfully) to wrangle a pass to at least one round of the tournament in Augusta. The one round I did see a few years back was awesome and a former student and Dawg won the Green Jacket (Bubba Watson).

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ND, I was blessed to get a pass years ago when Freddie Couples won the Masters. I followed Freddy and Davis Love on Thursday's 1st round. The two good friends were very comfortable playing together and had a 'long drive' contest on every hole but the par 3s.


The courses I belong to in Aiken are, like Augusta, very hilly. You really cannot get a feel for the elevation changes on television. Four days in a row is a lot of walking. 


I'll be glued to the tube. Tough to watch a golf tournament from the course and know what is happening. 


Over the years in Las Vegas, I belonged to the Desert Inn, Spanish Trail, TPC, and Southern Highland courses. I managed to play bad golf on all of these courses and Shadow Creek where, because my boss was Steve Wynn's mentor, I played twice a month.


A whole lot of excellent Dawgs players on the PGA tour. Heck of a program in Athens. Bubba was entertaining. He went after the ball like no one since Arnie. 

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I am not much of a golfer but I do enjoy the weekend rounds of he Masters. I heard an interesting story about the seeming miracle shot Bubba hit out of the right rough after he had apparently blowing the lead (and seemingly the tournament) late on Sunday. The commentators were absolutely amazed by that shot which damn near reached the green if memory serves me. Yet the tale was that the Georgia coaches and players were saying something like "Now Bubba's got them where he wants him",  having seen him hit that same shot multiple times in his career.


Another lesser known story was that Bubba marched to his own drummer and played far less than he probably should have in Athens over clashes with the coaching staff. Don't quote this information as it is heresay, but the source was in a position to have known if this was true.

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