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Going Back, and Looking Forward: What is YOUR Prediction?

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April 2nd 2023. What was going on? Well I think most of us were wondering how Lanning would do in year 2. Probably questioning when a media deal would be announced. Did anybody see the league essentially folding in four months?


Now let's look ahead to April 2nd 2025.

Hopefully you and your are in good health, and happy. But how will we look at Lanning post season 3? How will our sports programs look after moving to the Big Ten.


My prediction is pretty good. Maybe even our first conference(Big Ten) and National Titles. 

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My predictions:


Oregon will be first in the B1G in 2024 in football.


We will have challenges in Mens/Womens Basketball, Lacrosse, and Volleyball.  We will vault to the top of conference in Track and Field, Softball and BASEBALL!


Oregon will explode on the scene with new exposure, as the numbers of people watching Oregon football on TV will increase by 40% over last year and that is just the beginning.  We will be a valued new member of the conference, a prize that can bring their conference additional glory.


And I'm sure the Pig-2

will do just fine...


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Mr. FishDuck

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They have enough stolen funds to last a few years, but they'll probably waste it in stupid branding for a dead conference. That or online bonds for a Russian knockoff McDonald's 

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I think the extra travel will be a wild card to the season. It has already been questioned with the game at Purdue an interesting test. Can the Ducks travel well?


The difficulties against the Arizona schools make me worried about just how well we do when traveling greater distances. This will be the test within the test of playing a BIG schedule.


I do think Lanning will be a better game day coach, and the level of the players talent will continue to rise.


The indicator of the season will be Heisman hype of Gabriel. If Gabriel stays a front runner for the Heisman, Oregon just might pull off the miracle season!


Overall the Oregon Athletic Programs will get even more exposure and respect nationwide!

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