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Jon Joseph


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7 Penn State, 8 OK ST, 14 Coastal Carolina, 18 NC ST and 25 Purdue all lost to unranked opponents.


THE US Military -


Sleep Tight Tonight? The Infantry did its job putting up 426 rush yards. But that Army missile defense? Break out those bomb shelter plans.


The Hoke was on Air Force.


Navy, oh so close to taking down #2 Cincy but after converting a perfect on side kick why did you drop anchor?


"No Easy Day" - Motto of the Navy Seals - And perfect motto for Ducks fans?


9 OTs - longest game in FBS history. Hats off to the CFB Powers That Be for putting the safety of the student-athlete 1st. Great coaching by Illini coach Bielema. Call your team a bunch of stiffs and they defeat #7 on the road?


Does anyone want to win the Pac-12 S? Hats off to the Beavers! 2 Oregon teams down by 2 scores and both win! Please voters, sneak the Beavers into the top 25? Oregon should move up to 8?


The UGA D shut out Bye Week. Bama's O is all that but the D? Kiff dissed the on his way out of Red Stick Coach O. In year 2, Kiff has Ole Miss looking at an NY6 bowl game. 


Next week's Michigan at Michigan State game can only help Puddles cause. As will Ohio State going 12-1 and winning the B1G. 


The game was against Pac-12N WAZZU, but if BYU defeats USC in game 12 shouldn't the Cougars at 5-0 vs the Pac, win the Pac-12 S? 


Always Say Dye! - 4 for 4 and an NCAA record. SWEET.


No booing sayeth Mario? Easy, just blow out the Buffs from start to finish. I'm running out of Mylanta!



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On 10/24/2021 at 11:18 AM, Jon Joseph said:

I'm running out of Mylanta!


Fun stuff Jon....and boy is that true for all of us!

Mr. FishDuck

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