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Charles Fischer

Holy Crap! THIS is Why Kenyon Sadiq is Featured by OC Will Stein...

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OK...I had no idea he was this fast. This explains many of the RB Sweep and Jet Sweep plays, (from a TE? That NEVER happens!) from our OC Will Stein.



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Mr. FishDuck

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Not only does he have the speed for the edge, but FishDuck Photographer Tom Corno, (Paid for by the ads on the pages) was perfectly positioned to capture the touchdown with a perfect Oregon background. This photo is my screensaver on my main computer at home.


Kenyon Sadiq scores_Tom Corno.jpg

We will see more of this, as he is truly a hybrid player between WR and TE.


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Mr. FishDuck

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Sadiq is unique because he was 6’ 3’’ and around 220 lbs when recruited. He is probably adding weight so that he can be more effective blocking, but with his speed, he can create some unique problems for a defense trying to match up with him. 

Some other young players such as Rod Pleasant, and Gatlin Bair have crazy speed. You can’t teach size, and with speed, you’re either fast, or you’re not. 


It will be fun to watch some of these young guns get more playing time. 

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