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Jon Joseph

1st PO Rankings Dissed and Not Dissed

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Dissed - the B12 - Undefeated OK at 8?


Dissed - Cincinnati + the AAC - The CT does not ignore SOS. And no other AAC teams in the top 25? Cincy best hope that ND #10 runs the table.


Dissed - Sans Oregon, the Pac-12, as it should be.


Not Dissed - The B1G W - 20, 21, 22 - THIS will help the team B1G E team, likely Ohio State, to play a top 25 team in the B1G champ game.


Not Dissed - I'm shocked! SEC has the the top ranked 1L, 2L and 3L teams. Alabama's L to a 2L team? Nothing to see here, move right along.


Not Dissed - And good for the Ducks. The MW with Fresno at 23 and SDS at 24. Fresno in the top 25 is big for the Ducks.


Not Dissed - The Ducks. But from here on out with the schedule Ohio State has left to play Oregon needs style points galore.


Back to back games vs UGA in Miami and then in Atlanta? Talk about having to PROVE IT! Let's do it!


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Like your take on it. Although I believe Utah or UCLA should be ranked at 5 and 3 as #2 team in PAC just as much as Miss St Or Wisconsin or Iowa

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