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What Should The Fans Do?

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We shouldn't be holding our breathes, nor exhale too loudly. I think I mentioned a write in campaign at one point, not going to work either. What we should do is stay at about 20,000 feet and just enjoy the view. Nothing we can do, but respect the process.


The only absolute is the next guy is going to be very lucky. At the least he is going to be a very wealthy man. There is a massive chance he is going to win like he has never before. He is also going to have a ready made team, which should be very competitive.


The other thing we should do is be the best fans in all of fandom. This includes supporting our coach like no other program. This coach will get the assistant he needs to succeed, unlike many coaches who are hired and expected to create miracles. 


The fan support will include high expectations, but realistic timeframes. There will be an expectation that we win, but it will be embrace, win right, and stay competitive, grow the program. I also think there will be analysis as questions come up. There is an Oregon way, score points, and do what you say, the fans have expectations!


Lastly there will be conjecture as the coach is hired. We should stay positive as his dreams and ours are at stake. Let's be ready to move forward in a positive, respectful way. We are entering a new day with the Oregon Football Program and let's meet it with enthusiasm and critical thinking, and try to keep the skepticism and criticism for another day.


Something to think about because we aren't getting much done guessing here and there! I suppose we could do a contest who is the next coach, hiring day, and expected recruiting class ranking, transfer totals. Don't expect me to put that up there.

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Maybe what we should have done was create a respectful petition for all Oregon fans to put their name on with a list of coaches we think they should consider.  Maybe this is unrealistic to even produce.

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Hope for the best.  Christmas is not far away and we have our very own Santa Claus just up north.

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