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  1. Agree with David Marsh. I believe many recruits will opt to play in a regional conference with Oregon State, WSU, Cal and Stanford, rather than travel across the country.
  2. What's wrong with a conference of 10 teams? If UCLA and USC jump, why follow them or expand the conference? Everybody else is doing it is no answer. With 10 teams you have a round-robin schedule. For you younger folks, that mneans everybody plays everybody. No playoff game at the end, like it used to be since the beginning of conferences. Win the regular season and you're the conference champion. If I were the AD and/or the UO president I would not be talking to the B1G, or the SEC. From my over 70 years of following college football the major factor that looms over everything is the time zones. We're three hours behind the big SEC teams, and always will be, same for much of the B1G. I detest the idea of one conference for football and a different conference for everything else, which is what will happen if football jumps to one of the two major conferences. To UCLA and USC I would say:"Bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!" (That very well might be the end of their musings about making the leap.) No! The AD and university president should do the smart thing. Talk to all the other schools that are not looking for the next major conference realignment. Get 80 schools willing to form eight 10-team conferences by geography. Then you have an eight team playoff in football, and also have every school play a post season game against a team from another conference. Conference runner-up vs. conference runner-up, and so forth. Have an interconference competition. What then will happen is that the winner of the geographic alignment of eight conferences will be the college football national champion and the winner of the semi-pro conferences, B1G and SEC, will be something else. Basketball history would be a good analogy. In ten years the semi-pro playoffs of the B1G and the SEC will be about as significant as the NIT, and everybody else will be the NCAA. I may be stuck in the past when it comes to transfer portal and NIL, but if I were in charge, I would go more in the direction of fans watching players who truly are amateurs. I believe all this pay for play thing will lead to players who are not as interesting to watch as those we have been watching for decades. Yes, I do not watch pro football, unless a former Duck is the QB.
  3. At some point Rob Mullens needs to realize that the softball coach simply does not have the right players. People who complain about the transfer portal need to consider that very good players also transfer in . . . to other schools. We need to have a coaching staff the draws those transfers in, and also that recruits the type of players who play the game with power and speed. There has to be a reason Oregon softball looses a player like Yanez. With this loss we have no pitcher who can compete in the PAC-12. In softball, the pitcher is more important than the QB in football and the point guard in basketball.
  4. Put me in the ruddy-dud group. Traditional colors and style appeal to my eye.
  5. There are things about the team that puzzle me. Our small players are not fast movers. We need to do a better job of recruiting speed. We almost always finish every half and every game with unused times out, yet our players appear to be tired. Why not rest them? Then there is what I call the "prevent offense". At the end of each of the four quarters our time management is not calculated to get the most possessions. When you get the ball with 55 seconds left in the period, you need to get a shot off in no more than 15 seconds. That leaves you another possession before the horn, two for one. Yet when we get that possession with a minute to 50 seconds left we invaribly use almost all of our 30 seconds and take a shot with five or fewer seconds left, in effect, giving up a possession. When the circumstance is reversed, and we get the ball with 25-30 seconds left, we hold it until there is ten or fewer seconds left before any effort to score. With our lack of speed, and tired players, this strategy is doomed to fail, as it almost always does.
  6. My view of this team is that it lacks speed. They go entire games without a fast break attempt. The back court also is inconsistent. Watched every home game and was impressed with the play vs U Conn. Not a lot else.
  7. In 1945, my recently home from the war uncle gave me a Duck beanie with an “O” and alternating green and yellow panels. Two degrees, B.S. ‘65, and J.D. ‘68. First game at Hayward field about ‘52 saw John Brodie, Stanford, beat the Ducks. In school those years saw many games at Hayward and watched construction of Autzen. season ticket holder at Autzen from ‘71 until the second year of alcohol sales. now, at age 82, I attend only women’s basketball and softball. For men games, strictly TV fan.
  8. The only football history that matters is a school’s record within the memory of an 18 year-old recruit!
  9. For Chip's system to work well he must have players who are in great physical condition. They need that so they can play at the pace the system requires. He got that willingness from the players to get in super physical shape at Oregon. He also got buy in at the Eagles, for one year. Then it waned. Hard to get pros making the money they do to work that hard year-round. And UCLA guys, not likely.
  10. As to recruiting rankings, Oregon does have some attractions to recruits and transfers that are separate from the coaches that neither Cal nor UCLA posses, like facilities, winning tradition and existing players who have a chance of major success. It is just as possible as Mullen brilliance that Wilcox’ spouse said: “You want to leave our beautiful home and kids’ wonderful schools for where? Not in my lifetime!”
  11. If James Naismith could have foreseen the play of this game he would not have invented basketball. The one positive was there were far fewer observers in attendance to repeat what they saw than witnessed the Duck women go down to OS yesterday.
  12. As Shirley Bassey sang so beautifully: “Let’s go where the grass is greener, for the grass is greener, anywhere you go!”
  13. If Lanning has the success we hope for, just maybe his spouse will like Eugene as much as Mrs. Bellotti! Their children are the right ages, and Eugene is about as good as it gets for child rearing environment. Thanks for the thoughtful post,Mre. Penny.
  14. The most important change is an offense that plays up-tempo. The Lanning Dillingham goal of 80 plays a game will make the Ducks “must see TV”.
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