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Jon Joseph


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Forget about my Run For The Roses idea. Symbolically it harkens back to the 'good old days' of CFB but it would leave far too much money off the table.


This is of course after the fact but here is what a 12 team playoff using the AP final poll and the 12 team playoff recommended by SEC commish Greg Sankey, ND AD Swarbrick, MW commish Craig Thompson and B12 Commish Bob Bowlsby, would have looked like in 2021. The 6 highest ranked conference champions are in. The top 4 conference champs have a 1st round bye. 6 at large teams are added to the mix. More than the current 3 playoff games in the current structure would matter.


1.Georgia - SEC vs 9. MI ST AL at 8. Notre Dame AL

4. Baylor - B12  vs  12. Pitt - ACC at 5. Bama AL


2. Michigan - B1G vs 10 Oklahoma AL at 7 OK ST AL

3. Cincinnati - AAC vs 11 Utah - Pac -12 at 6 Ohio State AL


3 SEC - 4 with OK

3 B1G

3 B 12 - 3 with Cincy less 1 OK

1 Independent

1 Pac-12




6 conference champs - SEC/B1G/ AAC/ B 12 with byes + Pac-12 and ACC champs qualify.

All P5 champs in. Break down as to be expected. SEC and B1G expected to have at least 3 teams in the field. 


Ideal for the Pac-12? No. But business-wise sensible with millions more dollars to be distributed. As Jon Wilner noted, the Pac-12 is Switzerland in this expansion battle. Prepared to go for this or any other structure that can obtain a required unanimous vote needed for expansion before 2026. B1G wants all P5 champion teams in but is willing to compromise. Because of its lousy locked up through 2036 media deal, the ACC is holding out for an 8 team field with all P5 champs in. Why, because unless the ACC can force Notre Dame to be a full time football member of the ACC it cannot renegotiate its current media deal. In effect. the ACC is vetoing playoff expansion.


The exclusive owner of playoff rights through 2025, ESPN, has indicated that it would further open the wallet if the field expanded to 12 as noted above and also allow additional media entities to bid on playoff games. Millions and millions of dollars are being whizzed away at a time when CFB most needs the money.


Just another senseless situation for parochial CFB where no one is in charge and it is every man for itself. This in a season when 20 teams have relocated from their existing conferences.


The 'new' playoff format could begin in 2024 with much needed additional dollars raining down. If expansion doesn't happen before 2026, it is simply business male bovine excrement.

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The ACC has officially killed any playoff expansion prior to 2026.

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On 1/14/2022 at 10:46 AM, Jon Joseph said:

The ACC has officially killed any playoff expansion prior to 2026.

"When will they ever learn? When will they eeeeeever learn?

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