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Charles Fischer

A GIFT to Everyone at the OBD Forum...

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My friends...if you look at the Navigation Toolbar near the top of the site just under the logo...you will see new additions.  On mobile, the Navigation Toolbar is three horizontal lines at the top and on the left side, and you would touch the lines.


New Navigation Toolbar.jpg


On the far right is the new "Directions" page, and all you have to do is click on "Directions" and it will take you to a page of links of directions on how to do EVERYTHING in the forum.  Wonder how I add formatting like this, or color to text, or add a GIF, a picture...any of it--very simple directions are now available.


This is something that I've wanted for everyone for a long time, and was untold hours in the making.  On other sites, I could see people doing things, but I am not tech-intuitive, could not figure it out, and there were no directions.  Well at the Our Beloved Ducks Forum....you have directions available now for everything.


You will find that it only takes two minutes to read the directions on something, and then only takes seconds to do it--when you know how.  It is all easy...take a few minutes and learn!  I did have directions up there once, but the links stopped working and frankly--there was a ton of updating to do on them.  I was going to create videos, but I don't have time, and would be pretty redundant next to my simple instructions.


There are other new listings up there, such as how to contact Mr. FishDuck, and a new category for Moderators that anyone is welcome to read.  Want to know what I am telling moderators? Want to see real-life examples of what "not" to do from this forum?  All there!


Of course the rules are there along with the Drop-Down menu of the Oregon Football Repository for easy access to the depth chart, the Oregon Analysis Library and other selections.


I cannot tell you how much work went into all of this--at no charge to you.  It is just another way our community is different than the others, but the biggest difference is YOU.  The members of this forum want civility, and it is so refreshing to have it!


Do take a few minutes on a regular basis, and learn how to make all the hours here in the forum that much more fun for you!


He followed my directions...up to a point...



The directions have pictures, arrows and are very simplistic--everyone can benefit!

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Mr. FishDuck

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There's a reason they call it 'fishing', instead of 'cat-ching'!


[ICEDOM] Closed, Thank you! | Find a Dragon | Flight Rising

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Thanks very much for your reminders, Charles. I appreciate you patience with those of us that don't get it right the first time.


Or the second....🙄

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Thanks.  The hours that went into it--whew--and the probability is that few will ever look at them is something I try not to think about, but I had to do it.

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Mr. FishDuck

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