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  1. The Husky fans conveniently fail to understand that sophomore, junior, and senior high school recruits have not been exposed to the "glory" years of Washington football, because nothing of the sort has happened in their lifetimes. IN THEIR LIFETIMES. Washington doesn't ring as soundly because they have not been very good. On the other hand, Oregon has played well, gets national recognition, and clicks with recruits nationally - and that includes the state of Washington.
  2. Be sure to visit the Cascades Raptor Center. It's one of Eugene's biggest open secrets.
  3. This is a passionate, well written article and perspective. Because the perspective is about everything other than money, I don't think his hopes stand a snowball's chances in hell.
  4. The topic is a money issue. All other factors - and I mean this - do not matter. Oregon will shop to the highest bidder. The highest bidder will offer the best brand recognition. Any other factors do not relate.
  5. He had valid reasoning for voting against playoff expansion. Kliavkoff was put in a no-win situation of Larry Scott's doing. Larry Scott’s worst moves need to be made very clear TROJANSWIRE.USATODAY.COM We know Larry Scott was a bad leader with an unwillingness to sacrifice his own comfort for the good of the Pac-12, but his...
  6. You know that Rob Mullen is on the phone with both. He has to be. Because the moves are about money, he's selling the Oregon brand to the highest bidder. Mullen is very good at his job. Regardless of whether Oregon goes to the SEC or the B1G, it will be to the highest bidder and rivalries, sentiments, and geography will not factor into the decision.
  7. Isn't Archie Manning a little too old to be going back to college? I'll leave now...
  8. If it's against the Ducks, then you're spot on. However, JC has been unrelenting in his criticism of Larry Scott - all deserved. I used to be a Clownzano parroter, meaning hating the man and his crap, and since the whole Pac-12 mess...which I think JC shined a huge magnifying glass on...I'll call Canzano by his last name. For now.
  9. Having been a pilot for many years, the story makes a lot of sense. The myriad factors involved in landing were reduced to utmost simplicity. The passenger was at a high altitude and in doing a slow descent on an 11,000 foot runway, things like establishing downwind and base, using flaps and rudder during landing, controlling airspeed - that was all eliminated. Kudos to the FI for creating a basic situation that would have a high degree of success for any non-pilot.
  10. Hythloday talked about that a bit in the podcast I joined him on (that's up today at Addicted To Quack). I believe that he will have an article coming up in the near future regarding the metrics of his tweet.
  11. The spring game was very vanilla. No running game to speak of, and I addressed that. I do think that Dillingham will open things up, but while the passing game will be substantially improved, I don't think it will be the level that everyone seems to be salivating about - to an extent. We really have not seen the Oregon run game yet, and we won't until September. The run game will inform the passing game.
  12. Good Grief. The USC spin is tired and predictable, same as Notre Dame and Texas. Yes, LR is pulling in recruits, but he was going to. He still has an uphill battle against Oregon. While I think Oregon hasn't shown much - and they won't ahead of the Georgia opener - my prediction is that the great gnashing of teeth in LA LA Land during the 2022 season will grind teeth flat. The "experts" always gravitate toward the $$$s...did I mention Texas and ND? I'm not one to drink the Kool-Aid, but I do think that Lanning has put together a pretty good staff and he's arguably done more - and better - than what MC was left with. We're going to learn a lot about our Ducks in September. USC will also, but I don't know that knowledge will save them.
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