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  1. Charles, I respectfully disagree. See my post elsewhere. I don't think we've had QB coaching worth a flying sideways hop, and it shows. Give these players some time to develop and left's hope that Dillingham is here for longer than a season or two.
  2. I'm afraid the I have more respect for Charles Fisher and this site than to get into a debate with you on this issue. I will not argue this point; if you do not agree with my view then you don't.
  3. TT and Butterfield have been victims of the previous three coaches' inability to develop QBs. Dillingham's approach has been a blessing in that he had to have known that TT was not taught much of anything, so I presume he's being coached in practice and then being given game time to get some experience. Yes, TT looks rough and unspectacular, but one of Mario's greatest faults was - and is - an inability to coach and use QBs. TT is being given the time to learn. I don't expect that Butterfield is in a better spot. It's not an "it" factor. TT just has not been coached until this year. I'm grateful that we have Dillingham on board - a QB coach that can actually teach QB play. TT will come around, but more importantly Dante Moore has a lot to look forward to. It's one thing to be a 5* and another to be coached and taught how to be a QB.
  4. I don't think this is going to be a thing. More important will be if our line can pressure Hall and still fill gaps and stop the run, and how well our secondary stops the pass. Sure, the linebacker corps needs to handle check-down receivers, but they have to know that was the case. I'm very interested in how our three defensive layers handle the BYU passing attack.
  5. Bold predictions, and I like truly bold predictions, rather than the humus on stale chips that others serve up as "bold" predictions. FS is not necessarily the ledge that I would be dangling from, but that's what makes it an admirably bold prediction.
  6. The article was objective and not subjective. Nothing was said that I would disagree with. I think we're going to have a great season opener...and there's no pressure on Oregon. No one expects anything from Oregon. That's a great place to be. Georgia has all the pressure. If they screw up, if they keep the Ducks in the game, if they lose - it's all on them. Imagine having the freedom to just play a high-profile game with absolutely no pressure. That's where Oregon is at. The team is in an ideal spot, and even if Oregon loses, they don't lose, right? Well, if they can't cover the spread then there are potentially issues, but does anyone here seriously think that will be the case?
  7. It's only when I get bombarded by ads that I even notice them, because I'm so used to mentally tuning out ads. I had not noticed until something was said and I don't think it will be a problem for any of your readers.
  8. There is the possibility that this is coachspeak phrased in an over-the-top-joke. I do not see Frost being the least bit serious in this.
  9. The Husky fans conveniently fail to understand that sophomore, junior, and senior high school recruits have not been exposed to the "glory" years of Washington football, because nothing of the sort has happened in their lifetimes. IN THEIR LIFETIMES. Washington doesn't ring as soundly because they have not been very good. On the other hand, Oregon has played well, gets national recognition, and clicks with recruits nationally - and that includes the state of Washington.
  10. Be sure to visit the Cascades Raptor Center. It's one of Eugene's biggest open secrets.
  11. This is a passionate, well written article and perspective. Because the perspective is about everything other than money, I don't think his hopes stand a snowball's chances in hell.
  12. The topic is a money issue. All other factors - and I mean this - do not matter. Oregon will shop to the highest bidder. The highest bidder will offer the best brand recognition. Any other factors do not relate.
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