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Charles Fischer

England, Hungary, Malta, Ukraine and now....Mauritius?

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I've told you stories recently of articles coming from England, Hungary, Malta and even the Ukraine...but this one truly is remarkable beyond those. I have an order for a backlink in yesterday's and today's usual article from Port-Louis, Mauritius and I had to look this up...




Unbelievable, as it is a tiny island off the east coast of Africa! These firms want to break into the US market, and I find the locations quite interesting.  Just when you think you have the best story...another one comes along!


My friends, a late article was published today, and this "backlink" article came from Motala, Sweden. It is lame and I told them I would not publish it unless they paid 50% more than my usual fee, and they agreed. The things I do to pay the web development costs of the forum!


Below is the classic "Blah-Blah" article that the writers at FishDuck can never do, but since they paid me enough, (from Sweden) I went ahead and published it. The main article today is about the Dan Lanning articles, and I will have another article tomorrow, and this one is just stuck in-between to pay the bills. 


It is not a badly written, but everything in it is obvious and routine for Oregon football fans and not suitable for a normal spot in the publishing line-up.  It will serve as an example for other companies as what "not" to do if they are going to attempt writing an article for us.



While the 2022 football season is still a few months away, things are already looking promising for the Oregon Ducks. Quite a few experts and journalists have...


So we have articles backlinked that originated from Sweden and Mauritius...in the same day!

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Mr. FishDuck

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Ducks with international flavour!


I'm loving it!

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Get some from Madagascar. That place is hilarious! Ok, the movie was..........

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