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Oregon Ducks TBT Team 2022

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The Basketball Tournament (TBT) – the $1 million, winner-take-all summer basketball event broadcast live on ESPN networks .  I hope they are in basketball shape.




Their current roster includes:

  • Tajuan Porter (2006-10)
  • Garrett Sim (2008-12)
  • E.J. Singler (2009-13)
  • Johnathan Loyd (2010-14)
  • Jalil Abdul-Bassit (2013-15)
  • Dwayne Benjamin (2014-16)
  • Casey Benson (2014-17)
  • Shakur Juiston (2019-20)
  • Brian Conklin (Saint Louis)
  • Michael Finke (Grand Canyon/Illinois)
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Guard heavy?



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On 6/23/2022 at 9:49 AM, woundedknees said:

Guard heavy?



For sure.  That team is going to need to drain a bunch of threes, as rebounds will not come easy!


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