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  1. So is there argument at this point that it might be better for some select programs to completely stop recruiting HS players? A lot of college programs are wasting a ton of resources, time and money over a 2-3 year period, only to have their best players decommit before signing day, not pan out, or transfer to a better program. I would think this would be a decent option for programs that are currently struggling and are looking to become competitive quickly. If you think about the the math, the percentage of incoming HS recruits at a lot of college programs that are getting meaningful snaps with their original college choice has to be decreasing each year. Why not dedicate all that time, money, and resources to the two portal windows and go get 20 or so proven players every year? Advantages: 1) The program could land players that have proven talent at the college level. 2) All the time, money, and resources used for recruiting HS players could be utilized to build a massive NIL program to increase hit rate for talented portal players. 3) The roster will be filled with mostly experienced players that made their early mistakes and 'learned on the field" at their previous school. 4) Transfers that come into the program will have used their 1-time transfer, so they are less likely to leave, which would increase stability for that program. 5) If you have HS players that want to come, you take them, but not at the expense of focusing on portal players. 6) You really only have to recruit for a couple of months instead of going after HS players for years. I don't think this is a good option for Oregon, but I can think of some programs where I would take this approach immediately if I was the head coach.
  2. We don’t have Dowdell locked in yet and he is still talking to Ole Miss. That may be driving this as well. Ole Miss set to go in-home this evening with running back Dante Dowdell 247SPORTS.COM
  3. It sounds like Dollars is in the portal now too, so maybe trying to backfill and spread out the classes a little?
  4. Smith for sure. Washington still has the 3rd most talented roster in the conference. They should be competitive with the top teams. What Smith is doing in Corvallis is amazing.
  5. Bummer. I was really looking forward to Nix battling it out with Penix and Williams next year. We need a minimum of 1 QB transfer, maybe two now.
  6. It’s very difficult to win when you let your opponent take 30% more shots than you do because you can’t rebound or take care of the basketball.
  7. I think Junior Adams will end up getting it. He is killing it in recruiting, he knows what Lanning wants to do, and he has the receiver group playing like all-stars. That keeps continuity and a similar offensive mindset. Adams has been an OC at Western Kentucky and was very good there. While he was OC, the Hilltoppers led Conference USA and ranked 7th nationally in passing offense at 335.0 yards/game. They also ranking eighth in the nation in completion percentage at 66%. They passed for 4,177 yards and finished second in passing touchdowns with 25. All three of their starting receivers finished in the top-15 in the league in receiving yards. That means I think we are ultimately looking for another coach to help him with the receiver group.
  8. I’ll be the optimist. We are going to smash the Beavers in the mouth this weekend, assuming Nix plays. Both teams are well coached and have very good rush defenses. OSU probably has a slight edge in pass defense. However, Oregon has a massive advantage on offense and overall talent. Jonathan Smith has done a great job there, but they are not there yet. In these types of games, talent usually takes over at some point. There is a reason why OSU dropped games to Utah, USC, and UW and have not yet beat a team with a winning record in conference play. Ducks 42 OSU 17
  9. I would never bet against this kid. I am 100% sure he is going to find a way to play this upcoming Saturday. There is zero chance he checks out unless the medical staff forces him out of the game. He reminds me a lot of Dylan Brooks and Peyton Pritchard. Remember when everyone said those guys wouldn't make NBA rosters? Neither of them were the most talented guy on their college roster, but they both had grit and just wanted it more than everyone else. Nix is that same type of guy. He is going to make an NFL roster somewhere just because he will work harder and wants it more than everyone.
  10. I thought Utah was eliminated, but I guess not. Oregon has to win at OSU to get in per Wilner.
  11. That Cal game in 1993 was pretty bad . As a student, I made the road trip for that one. Worst mistake ever! Oregon's offense puts up almost 650 yards and still loses after leading 30-0.
  12. Think about how passionate we are as fans about Oregon, then add in the emotion of playing or coaching at that school. If Oregon called me for any position, I wouldn’t even have to think about it. It would have nothing to do with money. I don’t care how big of a mess the school or program was in, I would pull the trigger immediately and go for it. Mario made a terrible decision, but how can you blame him? I would have done the exact same thing. My guess is Dilly is gone for that reason. ASU is a mess, but there are advantages to that. The biggest being that he probably is going to get some time to build it without immediate consequences.
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