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  1. Am I correct that Thompson and Butters have both used their redshirts now and since the May 1st deadline has passed, if either leave between now and the end of next season, they will not be eligible until the following season? If so, it makes no sense for either to transfer until the completion of next season.
  2. For sure. That team is going to need to drain a bunch of threes, as rebounds will not come easy!
  3. The Carolinas are awesome. I lived in Raleigh for 5 years and loved it. It is becoming more expensive, but is still on sale if you are coming from the west coast.
  4. Interesting. I had seen some rumors that he was headed to Memphis. It will be interesting to see how he does the next couple seasons.
  5. Here’s the rub IMO. Johnson is NOT a 1 and done player. Guys that are 1 and done don’t shoot 34% from three in HS. They also don’t have long stretches where they struggle against HS competition and miss out on all star / all American games. Dior is a great player and he would have been a great addition to our roster. But the fact that Altman went out and signed 2 JC guards and 2 more power 5 transfer guards tells you all that you need to know. He wasn’t 100% confident that Dior was going to be able to be the man next year. And I agree. Also, if Dior really believed he was even in the ballpark of being NBA ready, he wouldn’t be scared of a little competition with Will and Keeshawn. I am not in the “we didn’t want him anyway” club. But I am certainly in the “Will >>> Dior” club. If keeping Will caused us to lose Dior, then so be it. It will be interesting to see how Johnson does at Memphis next year.
  6. Is he still a 5*? I thought he was a 4* now. Anyways, that is a bummer to lose a good recruit, but with Will coming back and the guards we signed in the transfer portal, I am guessing he saw the handwriting on the wall and his minutes were going to be somewhat limited next year.
  7. I am not as worried about the completion percentage. Just for reference, Joey was at 55% and Akili was at 56% for their careers at Oregon. They key is that both of those guys made huge plays and made them when it counted most. I can live with Nix's 61% if he is a gamer and is chucking the ball downfield and creating explosion plays.
  8. Great list! If I had to pick 5 players, there is no way that Rid is not on that list. He could have potentially broken 2,000 points had he stayed for his senior year and we made a run in the tourney. And at 150+ assist a year, he probably would have ended up first on that list too.
  9. I see a Benson / Pritchard situation here. Barthelemy is going to start, but it will be hard to keep Dior off the floor. He is going to get minutes.
  10. If you are going to pay a kid millions of dollars, go get a proven college QB like USC did.
  11. The biggest head scratcher was Kenny Wooten. That dude was so athletic and a good defender. If he would have stayed, I wonder if he would have developed a jumper and earned a spot somewhere. And speaking of head scratchers, what ever happened to Addison Patterson? He was playing really well for the Ducks late in the season, and was in line to start or take on a big roll with the team as a sophomore. Then one practice into is sophomore year, he just pulls the plug and transfers to Nevada, forcing him to sit out for the season. Then, before he ever suits up for a game, he is gone from Nevada. Finally, he transfers to Salt Lake City Community College in August 2021; however, he is not on their official roster and there are no stats to be found. It is like he just disappeared. I still believe that kid had NBA potential.
  12. He didn't just disappear. I believe he tweaked his leg/ankle at one point. Then he smacked his head hard in the AZ game and was held out. Then 2 games later, at USC, he hits his head again and gets stitches. We also know that came down with Mono sometime February. Dude was seriously banged up and sick. He was playing at a VERY HIGH level before all that happened...shooting 57% from the floor and 50% from three in the previous 8 conference games before all that happened. He was KILLING IT. If he can stay healthy, he is the type of player that can win us a conference title and help his team make a deep run in the tournament.
  13. Sweeet! Great news for us!! When was the last time we had a full roster with 13 players on scholarship? It is going to be tough to get everyone playing time, but this team should be very very good next year. Richardson, Dante, Soares, Guerrier, Butler, Wur, Bittle, Barthelemy, Cousinard, Rigsby, Williams, Ware, and Johnson.
  14. If Lanning truly evaluates QBs on Point Per Possession (PPP), Nix seems to be way out in front right now based on the spring game performance.
  15. Thomas' numbers are skewed a little. Most of the time those teams were up by more than 3 TDs at half and didn't have to put the ball in the air anymore That same argument is what makes Marcus' numbers so unbelievable. GOAT!
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