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Who Do the Different Sites Say Are the Best Pac-12 Expansion Candidates?

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1 San Diego State

2 University of Las Vegas 

3 Oklahoma State

4 Texas Tech 

5 Utah State or Colorado State - one that hasn't been mentioned but I think could work. 


I left Boise State off the list because they don't meet the academic requirements side of things and Idaho isn't exactly a worth while expansion.  



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Welcome to the Pac 16 SD St, UNLV, Houston, Cincinnati, TTU, Ok St. Four ranked team from last year added would have given the Pac six ranked teams. Not bad for a "second tier " conference. First, shore up the Pac with the Mountain West additions, then bring in the Big 12 teams once we've regained solid footing..


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Colorado State has made a significant investment in their football program. Fifteen years ago their stadium only held about 16,000 seats. Now, Canvas Stadium holds 41K. That makes CSU an expansion candidate worth considering. And they have a buggery that does research on insects. What could the new FishDuck humor writer do with that as a target?

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