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  1. Herbert beat out a transfer. Mariota made a Rose Bowl winning and championship game QB leave early rather than lose a competition for the starter spot. If TT is that guy, it wouldn't matter who he competes with for QB1. If he's not the guy, then bringing in a one and done QB1 next year makes sense. Hopefully, UO starts developing these backups so that they can become reliable starters in the future.
  2. The headline to this topic could be on both Duck and fuskies boards and I'm alright with that.
  3. All this one and done UO coach poaching is getting ridiculous. Taggart had Justin frigging Herbert. Dilly and Stein had Nix. QBs like that don't just grow on trees and will make any offense look great . If I were throwing around millions of dollars to hire the face of my university, I'd want to see a larger sample size of what the coach can accomplish and what they look like when not coaching generational talent.
  4. That’s been my theory. I think it’s also affected his will to compete. I think the Ducks pass rush haunts his dreams. He’s been dreading next week for the past month and it shows.
  5. Florida had FSU dead in the water until a Gator thought it would be fun to spit on an FSU player negating a third down stop that lead to FSU's first score.There's geeze then there's GEEZE!
  6. Florida had this game well in hand but a spitting penalty gives FSU new life just before half. Just can't make this stuff up!.
  7. Florida leads FSU 10-0 in the second quarter. Lots of close calls almost have helped UO this week. If FSU goes down, the Pac champ should be a shoe in for the playoffs. fuskies piddling in the corner today look to scared to battle for the championship. Go Ducks and Go Gators!
  8. Justin Herbert had to beat out a transfer QB as a true freshmen to win QB1. If TT can't do that as a fourth year junior, then he's just not the guy.
  9. Looks like coaching that third grade basketball team has trained him well for the moment.
  10. For an outside the box take, I'd propose that Lanning himself may be the best OC the Ducks have had. Early in his coaching carrier at UO, Lanning said that the offense would be a blend of his, Dilly's and the position coaches concepts. He also said that for years, he and Dilly would bounce ideas off each other to get a better understanding of how an offense or defense would respond to a certain type of play or formation. Lanning said that a better understanding of offensive scheming made him a better defensive coordinator. When Stein took over for Dilly, Lanning said that the offensive scheme already in place would remain in place and Stein would be adding his takes to the mix. Bottom line, this offensive game plan is baked into Lanning's offensive philosophy and will remain regardless of who the offensive coordinator is.
  11. UO wins the next three games and they are in the playoffs period. The leading Heisman contender won't be elbowed aside by anybody.If the fuskies blow it against the #12 beavs, they wouldn't drop enough to matter and the Pac would have three top 10 ish teams before the conference championship. Any one loss Pac team is in this year. And this year, it will be the Ducks.
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