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  1. Lanning has evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of his team and has set out a plan for success based on that evaluation. That plan currently has the Ducks in the top fifteen and rising weekly. Down in Miami, Mario has been ramming his plod ball scheme down their throats with disastrous results. The fan base is wondering what the heck happened to their Heisman contending QB and high octane offense. The program directions of Mario's my way or the highway mentality vs Lanning's perpetual growth mindset couldn't be more opposite.
  2. Great article. I've been thinking that there should be some sort of tiered targeting penalty system as well as separation of targeting and incidental contact. This article stated it much better than I could.
  3. I don't mind a slow and steady defensive scheme install. It's a confusing defense with many aspects of it being counter intuitive. At UGA our defense was more confused by our defense than UGA was! I'm fine with giving them time to really understand the basics before adding the cool bells and whistles. I'm really enjoying this season. If we stumble here or there along the way, I can live with it. The direction we're heading is promising. It will be worth the wait.
  4. He's a 31 year old OC with a sweet resume building gig. After a few years of positive results, he could be ready to accept a much better offer than the dumpster fire at ASU. Going there now could be a career killer.
  5. Conversely, as much fun as it was to root for the Beavs against USC, you could see their swagger fade towards the end. They were just hoping to hang on and win in the end but didn’t have nail in the coffin mentality to just go and grab it. The Ducks did and that to me was what made that victory so exciting. I’m really looking forward to watching the Lanning era progress.
  6. The UGA steamroller coupled with high octane passing teams BYU and WSU have inflated some numbers. This should drop as they start playing some more normal offenses as well as understand the scheme better. Now if they give up over 30 to Cal, that would be cause for concern.
  7. Has Miami been informed that booing Mario is not allowed?
  8. Mario is The Cult of Physicality. A one word catch phrase that masks his epic lack of strategic understanding with tough guy bravado. The image he projects has so far suckered players, recruits, assistant coaches, fans, reporters and Miami boosters. The problem is that his one word one hit wonder grows old pretty fast. He bets that by filling the roster with as many stars as he can, they will simply win games by talent gap alone. Middle Tennessee just showed the simple formula to taking down a Mario lead team. Game tape study, counter strategy and game plan execution. I think Herbert, Pene and KT all watched their draft spots fall due to Mario’s underwhelming results on the field. Miami’s QB went from Heisman front runner to currently being run out of town in just four games. I don’t see us as piling on Mario. It’s more like warning the next team of the con man at the wheel steering their team off the cliff.
  9. Reality will quickly set in after two weeks of prepping for whatever Carolina and nothing changes and they once again get easily rolled. That won't be the QB, that won't be the OC or DC, that will be the stubborn mule they have as a coach.
  10. I think the offense just got exposed. The surprise about SC to me, is the defense. It's better than I expected but I think a solid run team will give them fits.
  11. One of my new favorite things about this forum is clicking on it and reading the headline: Miami Got Beat by Middle Tennessee. It just never gets old!
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