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In a High-Pressure Environment, Dan Lanning Emerges as a Natural-Born Leader

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IMO, our coach has the qualities not all coaches have to succeed. Read to find out more...



“I would have never guessed this is his first time being a head coach,” Ty Thompson said. That impression of Dan Lanning’s...


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Another great article. Tells you a lot about DL and what and how he is doing. Ty Thompson gave a great take on what he sees. " He's a natural leader". That high praise is very telling.


Also he and his team are calm and confident about the 1st game. Bring on the dawgs. They don't have a clue what's about to hit them.

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Even if this dude finds out head coach is above his ability, which I highly doubt is the case, I am a fan of Lanning and the type of man he is authenticaly showing everyone he is.


I will root a little harder for this years Duck team. I will openly root for Lanning. It will be fun to watch him grow as the season progresses. 


It was difficult last year when I found myself napping halfway through the third. Hoping this years team shows the enthusiasm, humility and drive for success we see in their leadership.  Go Ducks!

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In listening to the various player interviews, from Media Day. Often they were asked about the difference between this year and last.  


A renewed "love" for the game, the closeness of the team, Coach Dan's football acumen AND emotional IQ are recurrent themes.  I think our last coach was reasonably good at the culture stuff, but I think Coach Dan may even be an upgrade in that area....to my pleasant surprise.

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