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Canzano: Pac-12 AD Says Remaining Conference Members Have No Time For "Noise"

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Canzano says, "Pac-12 ADs all essentially saying the same thing  -- they are galvanized and believe the conference has good options."  Curious as to what those options could possibly be?



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 I believe I wrote that this would be coming...and then the cutting of sports...(from the article)


How will the Pac-12 members stay competitive?


Said one North Division AD: “Like we always have. We’ll just have to spend a larger percentage of what we receive on football and men’s basketball. We’ll make a larger investment, percentage-wise. That’s what UCLA was going to have to do if it stayed in the conference. That’s what we’ll all do — go heavy in football — because that’s where the biggest returns will always be.”


We'll have seven sports eventually IMHO....Football, M&W Basketball, M&W Track, and M&W Cross-Country from our current 19.  The only way my beloved Baseball remains is if Pat Kilkenny is willing to donate vast amounts...


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Mr. FishDuck

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Would like to see softball stay.

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I agree, both baseball and softball stay.


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