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Charles Fischer

A Timely Article for Oregon Fans?

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I was pondering about "loyalty" again, and over the last 11 years and over 600 articles created...I've written about this topic a couple of times.  But this one below will not only make you reflect, but will blow-your-mind as it did mine when I first wrote it.



Charles Fischer presents an plausible alternate reality that challenges Oregon fans over their loyalty to the team under all conditions.


Right now is when we find out who the real Oregon fans are versus the Bandwagon, "we're with you when you're winning."  As a 35 year season ticket-holder, I've put my money where my mouth is on this subject.

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Mr. FishDuck

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Good article and you point out what is true in almost every aspect of life. If something wouldn't have occurred or if we had not met that right person that helped send us in a positive direction things could be much different. One of my big ones is that I happened to see a well know company and I pulled off the freeway and applied for a job. Now over 30 years later still with them and it has been a good ride.


I used to go to Duck games when they were guaranteed to finish towards the bottom of the PAC and a win was not getting blown out by the better teams. I remember trying to get friends to go to games (like the 0 - 0 tie with OSU) and people saying "no thanks, they suck." I went to Shreveport and watched them play Tulsa in the freezing rain. All good times and will be a fan however they play as I have such a positive connection to going to school at the U of O. Some great times and the degree has definitely helped me in life.


The end of the day I want them to do well but it really is still just a bunch of young guys playing football doing the best they can with their God given ability. So no matter what will continue to support them and have fun watching the ups and downs. Of course ... winning is much better!

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