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  1. Hope you keep this site going as there are a lot of good people posting on here and some football knowledge that easily passes mine. On top of that it is part of my morning ritual to check out what new stories are out there. Plus, I check the site frequently during the day as a break from virtual work! Charles, this is a great site and I appreciate all of your hard work but understand if you just burn out on dealing with the negatives. The good news is that the very high percentage of people follow the rules and enjoy politely talking about our Ducks. If some get their feelings hurt because they didn't follow the rules I think that falls under the "oh well" category in life. Thanks again for all of effort you put into this forum.
  2. I think you want to find the most athletic talent with the desire to be great ... hard to find and everybody else wants them to but those are the majority of players that end up at HOF levels. "I think the ability to hit - some guys have it and some guys don't - but I think how dedicated you are to trying to get the most out of yourself, I think kind of determines how good you are and for how long. I was born with the ability to hit, but my work ethic has taken it to the next level." Tony Gwynn When my son was about 11 years old we went to a baseball card shop and Brooks Robinson (HOF Orioles 3rd baseman from the 60s/70s for those too young to remember him) was signing autographs. Very nice person and it was great to meet him. Always looking for coaching opportunities for my young son I asked him about how hard he worked to get so great. In a very low key way he told my son and I that "to be honest it came pretty easy to me. Ever since I was a little kid I just had really good hand/eye coordination. I didn't have to work too hard at it." Not the coaching opportunity I was looking for ... LOL...but some people are just born with superior talent.
  3. Free tickets from an advertising company so most likely going. Not a fan of football fields jammed into a baseball stadium but can tough it out for one night. Man are we spoiled in modern life or what? My Dad was hopping freight trains at age 13 during the depression and I have to ponder being too far from the field. He used to say "if that is the worst thing you have to worry about you got it pretty good." LOL!
  4. Well the game is free to view and I am a Duck fan so will definitely watch the game. Whoever ends up playing will pull for them to have a great game. Sounds like there is a good chance Nix would play. Be great if he is healthy and ready to go.
  5. Last time a college football game ended in a zero - zero tie was 1983 and it was the Ducks vs Beavers slugging it out in laugher. It was dumping rain and overall just a miserable day. Very few of us there but I stuck it out to the bitter end. Not sure if that is loyalty or stupidity but I have never been one to give up on the Ducks no matter what is going down. I also traveled from Indianapolis in 1989 for another miserable bowl game versus Tulsa in Shreveport. Freezing rain and a crappy stadium and the city isn't much. The Ducks did get a win so at least that part was good. For both basketball and football there used to be years where the hope was that we would at least be competitive against the stronger teams. It was still a lot of fun going to games and being part of the college experience. I also remember students being excited to watch the Ducks play Santa Clara in the 1984 NIT. It was a loss but still fun to be part of and Mac Court was awesome. Rambling but point being that the players are giving their best and I formed a tight connection to the U of O while going to school there. No matter what happens will always support the Ducks win, lose, and hopefully never a tie again.
  6. Ironic same thing killed SC that brought us down. Once Caleb got hurt that was it. Plus both teams need lots of help on D. Very similar teams. Would have been fun to healthy Nix vs healthy Williams. Would have been plenty of points put on the board.
  7. They definitely should be playing tomorrow night but overall feel this program is going in the right direction. You need elite players and DL will get plenty of them. As John McKay said ""There aren't many secrets in coaching. Well, there's one secret: Get a guy like Warrick Dunn, throw him a screen pass and watch him run 52 yards with it." (been reading John McKay quotes ... funny dude). Some questionable coaching calls but people learn and evolve. Dan seems like a smart guy that is open to learning. The biggest thing to me is that if Bo Nix doesn't get hurt TV viewing would be a lot better Friday at 5 PM.
  8. Somehow this old John McKay quote connects to me now: On a loss to Notre Dame: "I told our players there were 700-million Chinese who didn't even know the game was played. The next week, I got five letters from China saying, 'What happened?' "
  9. I like to keep a realistic view of the talent level of these kids. To land on quality D1 team like Oregon these kids are so much more athletic and talented than the high percentage of us commenting on their ability. Are the players or the coaches perfect? No they are not but they are certainly top performers in life and put a lot of effort into their sport which I repect. The company I worked for had a lunch time basketball league where we played against other companies. We had a few guys that were pretty good high school players but that was about it. One day we hire a tall athletic looking kid and ask him to join our team. He shows up and is flying up and down the court. Couple dunks and some beautiful looking jump shots. I talked to him and asked where he played ball. He said he was a walk-on at the University of Tennessee and truthfully did not see a lot of playing time. It put the disparity of talent in perspective for me if he is that much better than the average Joe and hardly ever saw the court!
  10. How about this guy ... Western Kentucky University Athletics WKUSPORTS.COM WKU announced the hiring of Zach Kittley as the team's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach on Dec. 14, 2020. One of the great young minds in the gam...
  11. They could have hired Jerry Narron as Accountability Coach for Urban. He did a good job with Josh Hamilton. I think DL was a good hire and that to win it all you have to have elite talent. He will get the 4/5 star players needed to give the Ducks a chance to succeed and his coaching will improve. Plus I think he is a high integrity person. I didn't rent an $11K suite but did invite an SC friend and his wife over to our house to watch Oregon vs USC. Now stuck providing dinner/wine and listening to how amazing Riley is and that Caleb is going to win the Heisman Trophy. Damn.
  12. Guess both are at risk. Fan could get punched for saying something inappropriate and player could get suspended for not being able to control temper.
  13. I want to see them in the game but think with an injured Nix they lose by a lot. If Nix were healthy I think it would be a great game but unfortunately we will not get to see that happen.
  14. Guessing the fan did not punch him first but who knows. I am no lawyer but think if I am walking down the street and somebody passes me and says something I don't like I am not allowed to punch them. Could be wrong but believe that is assault.
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