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Bo Pix to Bo Six

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I was so impressed with Bo Nix this past Saturday.  He played a near flawless game and led a well-balanced attack.  His passes were crisp, delivered on time, with pinpoint accuracy.  And while he may not have quite the same cannon as Justin Herbert, he proved that he has more than enough arm to get the job done.


There were also several plays where he sacrificed his body, to either, clear the way for the RB or to fight for extra yards.


On one run, he threw one block, then motored ahead and blocked a second defender.  By then, the play had been whistled dead.  Still, you gotta love and appreciate his competitiveness.  He truly led by example, and that one play alone, encapsulates his willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team win.  I can see why guys like TT look to him for leadership.


I know a lot of Oregon fans, myself included, were pleasantly surprised to see Nix perform as well as he did.  The offense was firing on all cylinders and had BYU's defense on their heels for the majority of the game. They looked like a cohesive unit that has been playing together for years, despite being pieced together during the off-season. This was a stark contrast to the Georgia performance and the previous, unprepared teams led by MariØ.


What impressed me the most, was Nix's decision making.  He made all the right reads and wisely threw the ball away 3 times which showed real maturity.  The old Nix would have scrambled out of the pocket, trying to extend the play and then, force a bad pass into coverage.  That is how he earned the shameful moniker, "Bo Pix."


If he can continue make the correct reads and throw with this kind of accuracy, Bo Pix is about to become Bo Six or Bo 4 Six. 

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Yeah, but the big complaint from Auburn fans was that, much like a cold sore, Bo Pix had a way of rearing his ugly head at the most inopportune time. He never really goes away. However, I hope Dillingham has finally found the cure.

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That could very well happen, but I would like to think that Nix is turning a corner and growing up before our eyes.  Hopefully, he is learning from his mistakes which includes our Georgia game.


With this offense and in this conference, I could see Nix thriving.  How often are we going to face a juggernaut, with a championship caliber defense like Georgia, unless we make the playoffs?  Nix may find the Pac-12 to be cakewalk, compared to the smothering, SEC defenses.


One of reasons for Nix transferring to Oregon was because he could see the Ducks in the playoffs every year.  On Nix's part, it could be a bit of a cop out for taking an easier path to the playoffs.  However, as the announcers mentioned, he looks a lot more relaxed in our offense, not being weighed down by all the pressure to perform as an Auburn legacy.  So a new school, with a new team, could be beneficial for him.


As a senior, Nix has two years of eligibility left, so he knows what's at stake.  If he aims to get his NFL draft stock up, he has to start turning heads now.  Depending on how this season pans out, he may not plan to return next season.  He also could be looking ahead at the incoming frosh, Dante Moore.  Although, it would be nice to have them both in the same season.






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