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Charles Fischer

New Format for Determining Prediction Contest Winner: Last Week's Winner is...

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Hello my FishDuck Friends,


I am going to follow the suggestion of OBD Member, Dr Hilarius to determine the finalists:


Actual score of 45-27, Oregon over Stanford.


Delta Analysis:



Ducks 48 (delta 3)

Furd 27 (delta 0)

total delta = 3



Ducks 45 (delta 0)

Furd 24 (delta 3)

total delta = 3


FG Lumber

Ducks 35 (delta 10)

Furd 17 (delta 10)

total delta = 20


Tiebreakers:  **= winner/closest in that category


Actual from the Game:

Turnovers: 1

Sacks:        3

Passing Yards:  164



Turnovers: 3

Sacks:        4 **

Passing Yards:  325**



Turnovers: 2**

Sacks:        5

Passing Yards:  375


Winner by one tiebreaker category:  EastBayDuckDad


Congrats to him and thus beginning this week I will apply this new criteria to determining the winner.  Thanks again to Dr Hilarius!


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Mr. FishDuck

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Agreed with your Delta Force.




Chuck Norris 

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May I ask what FG Lumber's part is? 


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On 10/8/2022 at 12:35 PM, Krsmqn said:

May I ask what FG Lumber's part is? 

FG Lumber would have been the winner under the prior scoring. 


I added the score to demonstrate that the point spread gives a less accurate picture of the game that was played. IMHO

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