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Steven A

What We Need - Week 11 Edition

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First, I’d like to thank the Irish for taming a Tiger.  And speaking of tigers, a thank you to the Duck slayer for doing the same to ‘Bama. The last time we saw Jayden he was the Devil’s advocate dashing our playoff hopes for ASU in 2019.


Pac 12:
Deja Vu, Ducks win with double style points, it is ewe dub after all.
Beavs keeping winning to take ewe dub’s place in the top 25 after they are banished this week.
UCLA keep winning until $c
USC to stay unbeaten until losing Pac 12 Cship to us
Utah’s only remaining loss be to us
WSU to run their table


Top 10:
Thanks Georgia, now keep it going through the SEC Cship
Indiana do what Northwestern couldn’t vs OSU (again, we can dream can’t we)
Nebraska see above vs Michigan (again, we can dream can’t we part 2)
Missouri play like you did against Georgia except finish it vs Tenn
Texas, pull a Notre Dame and gig/hook’em Frogs
Need the Hogs to tame those Tigers.
Lane, be the third branch of the Saban tree to cut him down.


ACC is the new Pac 12, so we don’t need to follow them/worry about them crashing the playoff party any more.
Illini, Boil the Makers


Last Week’s wish list:


Pac 12 [5 out of 6]
Ducks win with style points ✔
Beavs over ewe dub, oops
UCLA over ASU ✔
USC over Cal ✔
Utah over AZ ✔
WSU over Stanford since we barely beat WSU ✔


Top 10 [3 of 6] 
Georgia over Tenn as big as possible ✔
Northwestern over OSU (we can dream can’t we)
Rutgers over Michigan (we can dream can’t we part 2)
LSU over ‘Bama ✔
ND over Clemson ✔✔ should count double
Tex Tech over TCU, winning 3/4's doesn’t count 


Others [2 of 4]
North Carolina /Virginia (don’t care as long as NC makes it to ACC title game since they have the best chance of beating Clemson) ✔
Illinois over MSU
Syracuse over Pitt, thanks to ND, no longer needed.
Texas over K State ✔

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Pretty in-depth analysis and prediction here.  Can't find much fault with any of it.  


Not that this has anything to do with your analysis above but I thought it interesting to note that the University of Washington has more than double the student body of Oregon (>49,000 as compared to 22,000).  And something many of us probably didn't realize is how many more students Ore State has than Oregon (33,000).  I'm guessing Oregon may be one of the smallest colleges in the Top 25 but that's more research than I want to do.


What's all this mean?  Not much, except to emphasize how important Phil Knight has been to the U of O and how hard it's going to be to keep the $ up to retain a really good coach.

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