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  1. In that shot of the two coaches together one (Whittingham) looks like the ham-sandwich, hard hat, blue collar guy who knows how to get things done and Riley like the fresh-faced frat boy and former class president who everyone calls the wonder-kind of his sport. The lunch-pail guy just handed the frat boy a hard dose of reality. Football is tough business and not for show-n-tell or song and dance. Kudos to Utah.
  2. Bottom line: Let's just hope the game stays essentially as it is and the math nerds stay in the classroom or in the stands.
  3. Over the years, not always a big fan of Canzano but he does have some chops and occasionally writes some good zingers. Like these two when describing what happened in that 3rd Qtr last night when USC managed just one-yard on offense: Yeah, you gotta hand it to him, he nailed it.: USC moved three feet in 15 minutes, folks. Utah’s defense essentially turned Lincoln Riley’s offense into a slug. That makes USC's Caleb Williams (with the F_CK UTAH on his fingernails) 'King of Slugs'. Utah deserves all the credit they get for that win.
  4. Article or no, it was a smile I found on my face when I read the final score of this game. That, and a long sigh for what might have been had Oregon not had their 'powder-room collapse' at Reser. I feel very confident that even with O's defense woes they could have (would have) beaten USC as well.
  5. I'm sorry to ask but what exactly is this list showing us? Is it how each team performed as compared to their expectations, or something?
  6. Oh, I'm pretty sure some math nerd could probably develop some sort of statistical analysis's that could generate some algorithms that could take all those eventualities in stride and come up with something. But we may have to extend the play clock to 1 minute, 30 seconds.
  7. Martin Malchow? I think you mean Marshall Malchow, O's Football Chief of Staff? If I remember correctly, he's even younger than Dilly and Lanning both. Some sort of 'player whiz' at assembling teams. But his last team assembly didn't fare so well as their recruiting number would suggest (A&M) who was rated #1 but had a very disappointing and dismal season. It happens. Yeah, I agree. Now's a good time for his talents to show up and see what he can do to fill some important slots that desperately need filling.
  8. When schools and teams decide it's time for "math nerds" with all their algorithms and analytics to start calling the shots (plays) it'll be time to replace frail human bodies with stainless steel robots and machines. Imagine the sound of colliding bodies that'll generate!
  9. And what abut the Beavers? They beat O, who beat Utah, who beat USC, who beat OSU. Ah ... you gotta love this stuff! Maybe the Pac-12, or what's left of it, ought to have their own playoff system for the right to play in the championship game!! (Just kidding around - this isn't BB).
  10. Some of them probably, unless he signed something with Oregon before he left as part of his release.
  11. I was wondering along the same lines. Will Dilly, a novice HC, try to micro-manage things, esp on offense, like Mario C tried?
  12. Dilly (or anyone else) can't poach staff unless the staff want poaching. Any coaches leaving for somewhere else (ASU or ?) will have to have a pretty good reason, like maybe >$, lots >$. I guess we'll find out in coming days ahead if any of our assistants want poached.
  13. Well, I guess he's got to get 'em from somewhere and as young as he is, he hasn't had a lot of experience working with assistants this good before, I would imagine. ASU needs all the help he can muster up. I just wish he'd go elsewhere and leave our coaches alone! With the possible exception of the one coach that comes to mind he didn't ask for. Tosh Lupoi. Even Dilly doesn't seem to want him. I wonder why?
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