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  1. Sometimes the medicine can be tough to take. This isn't the 'sugar-cubed polio vaccine' we knew as kids. This is Adult fan forum decorum and I've been a violator myself, unwittingly. We take the medicine like men & women and move on.
  2. Not that it's important (just interesting) and not that this is in any way scientific (it's just a tiny snapshot) but in today's game featuring the current two-best NFL teams (sorta), not one Duck is on either roster. We know we have a lot of former ducks playing at the NFL level, but not (yet) to the extent of a most other Power 5 and many lesser conference teams. Here's a snapshot of today's roster: Super Bowl players by college Where players on the official active rosters of the Chiefs and Eagles as of Monday played in college. SCHOOL PLAYERS Oklahoma 6 Florida 4 Michigan 4 Mississippi State 4 Alabama 3 Auburn 3 Cincinnati 3 Florida State 3 Georgia 2 Louisiana Tech 3 Nebraska 3 Washington State 3 Two players each: Middle Tennessee, Memphis, Old Dominion, Rutgers, SMU, Texas Tech, USC, Wisconsin One player each: Clemson, Duke, East Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Fayetteville State, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU, Marshall, Miami, Michigan State, Missouri, Missouri Southern, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Oregon State, Pennsylvania, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Samford, South Carolina State, South Dakota, South Dakota State, South Florida, Southern Miss, Stanford, TCU, Temple, Tennessee, Toledo, Tulane, Utah, Valdosta State, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Western Illinois, Western Michigan, Wyoming, Again, it's just a snapshot - but even Oregon State's represented. By Conference, the Pac-12 is bottom of the Power 5. And that's with USC & UCLA in the conference. Not that this is important - and if two different teams were in this (like SF & Buffalo) things would look different for Oregon. But Lanning & crew are going to have to do a lot more of the type of recruiting they've managed so far to get Oregon up there were they deserve and need to be. Successful NFL alumni are a huge boost to any collegiate program. Just ask Colorado. Go Oregon.
  3. If Hicks had chosen Oregon that might have put O in the top 6-7 ranked classes. One that got away that bothers me more than losing Donte Moore.
  4. Dittos. Oregon will have to deal with him because despite the recruiting woes of Cal, Justin Wilcox will have this kid competing for Pac-12 honors before he's done collegiately. Cardwell's transfer was a perfect example of too many, too good in the same RB room. Again, I wish these young men would select a school in a different conference.
  5. And (imo) jumping into the B1G boiling kettle is only going to make life harder for the USC trojans. When brought up and close for comparison with the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio St. etc. I can see USC looking suddenly very mediocre. Unless, of course, Lincoln Riley truly is a miracle worker.
  6. Offensive linemen. A team can never (imo) have too many good O-linemen as injuries are so prevalent there. I cannot ever remember any coach at any level telling the media they were over-stocked on the O line. And no other position, other than QB, can an injury or two destroy a team's playoff hopes.
  7. I think not. The QB room is already well stocked. More O-linemen please. That room is never over-stocked.
  8. With Sewell's announcement to declare for the draft, I wouldn't be surprised to see Brandon follow but I sure hope not. But that's being selfish. He's given us a lot of exciting moments and certainly earned any rewards he can get including a chance to play at the next level, something I think he's well prepared for. Go Ducks.
  9. Both Oregon & Georgia have 11 WR's on scholly. That seems like a lot to me. Apparently, it isn't.
  10. That's another good point Duck, you're on a roll tonight. Imagine how yesterday might have gone with KD still on staff? Maybe we scratch the Dripping Springs, Texas lad (Novosad) but very possibly O signs several other top recruits even better, including Moore (which I'm still not bummed-out about losing). Of course, it's just speculation but I'm pretty certain losing our whiz of an O.C. didn't exactly help Lanning - which makes what he and O's staff did this week even more impressive.
  11. Makes his decision tomorrow sometime is all I've heard on this front.
  12. Another key part of the puzzle snaps into place. Nice get for Oregon. Ready right now to make a big difference giving Oregon the added image of 're-loading' instead of re-building.
  13. One school ran away with the best National Signing Day WWW.YARDBARKER.COM Money talks, as the saying goes. And nowhere does it talk louder in college football than at Oregon. IF this has already appeared then I'm sorry but there have been so many posts regarding this week's hectic Signing day it's impossible to keep up on all of them on this amazing site/forum. I thought it worthy of a look because it briefly describes the NIL that is really beginning to work it's way into perhaps the most important aspect of these recruit signings. And Oregon, as it seems, is at the very forefront and very well positioned to gain by it.
  14. I gotta be honest, until recently I hadn't even heard of Austin Novosad (or much about Will Stein either). That said, might this not be one of the true sleeper pickup of the entire Signing Day. One moment O thinks they have Moore. Then the drama begins to unfold with Moore contributing much to it. The next moment Moore flips. Meanwhile, after our own O.C. "flips" for his own H.C. gig, Lanning finds us Will Stein who, as it happens, knows this kid... I know we have Nix (thank God!) and I know we have this other kid (TT) waiting in the wings (for now). But this kid from from Dripping Springs, Texas (I love that name for a hometown) might just be one of the biggest surprises of the whole Signing Day extravaganza. He wasn't on anybody's radar at Oregon. Until Will Stein came along. And now he's a Duck. Nice.
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