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  1. THIS is why I don't get overly excited when a recruit "commits". Things are so fluid nowadays in the CFB....
  2. Very happy for JPJ. Might this not help, indirectly, with future recruiting? It used to be a gimme that this award would go to a player from either the SEC or Big-10, or so it seemed. Oh, that's right! Oregon's now a part of the B1G....
  3. Too bad he isn't about 4" taller. That said, he has ability, that's for sure. I wonder now what might happen to Thompson & Novasad? Transfer Portal?
  4. Just a gut feeling but I think Nix might surprise all three. Reason: his football I.Q. and his obvious understanding of the game and how to assess defenses. In the NFL the hardest thing for Rookies to adjust to is the speed of the game. Nix is already almost up to speed, more so maybe than the other three. I think Nix could be brought to the NFL level faster than the others.
  5. I'm only looking at this from the fan side of things, not the $$ side. That, I know very little about and expect the courts will have their say about that. If Stanford or USC and Notre Dame can make a tradition of their rivalries (which never involved conference play because ND was never in one) why not OSU-UO? That was my only point.
  6. I must be a real outlier and ancient fossil. I loathe the death of amateurism. But, let's face it; it's been coming for a very long time. Anyone remember the Soviet Red Army competing in the Olympics? Or the Russian "females" who weren't really? (Who knew the Russians would be on the cutting edge of societal revolution instead of just political revolution?). Who cares anymore, anyway? It's about Championships.
  7. With all your proverbial wit intact. Nicely done, Jon. Welcome aboard the FishDuck express.
  8. I'm trying to ignore them as much as possible. The TP is one of the MAJOR things wrong with the direction the NCAA collegiate sport is headed. It's not going to get any better going forward. Collegiate amateurism is dying on the vine and almost no one seems to care.
  9. I can only imagine what type of NIL deal this person obtained from Colorado. Otherwise, why go there?
  10. By "spring for season tickets" I think you mean season tickets for Ducks football games, no? That's what I'd opt for. More bang for the buck.
  11. Now that's a Christmas sweater! (Scoopduck Daily's post above)
  12. Me. This. Tough game or not - I don't like seeing 125 year old traditions die because of conference realignments.
  13. I'm trending on agreement here. Next season we get our first REAL good look at his future as the Duck's starting QB. But I wouldn't be adverse to seeing someone like Bo coming in to compete for the starting role against Ty and Austin both. Oregon has a favorable 1st-year schedule in this new league they've entered. Must not waste it.
  14. Bo was easily the best jewel mined from the Transfer Portal for Oregon. Happy to hear he won the award for the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year (announced on KPNW this morning) and I hope it transfers (pun intended) to the selection Saturday evening in NY. Good luck Bo!
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