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WATCH Bo Nix: "Good to Go."

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In case you haven't checked into the Ducks vs Oregon State thread, here is latest from Bo...



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In the Ryan Walk interview, great interview by the way, RW indicated Forsyth will be on the field also. Great to hear.

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Oregon's Bo Nix offers encouraging outlook on ankle injury; 'We should be good to go'


“It’s doing well. A lot better this Tuesday than what it was last Tuesday,” Nix said. “So, I’m very thankful.

Our training staff is doing a great job. We’re just monitoring it. We should be good to go.”



Oregon quarterback Bo Nix met with reporters on Tuesday and said his ankle is feeling much better at this time than it was a week ago.


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Well now.  At the 8:20 mark forward, Bo answers the ever present question of how well (or not) is his backup (TT) ready to go in the event he can't.  This answer alone would make this revealing interview worth the watch.  I hope you all listened carefully to what he says and how he feels about Ty and his 'readiness' to go.    Especially from the 9:05 mark on.  

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