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Charles Fischer

Lenoir Coming Back for the 2021 Season?

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I cannot link it because it is a subscription site, but today's Register-Guard has an article about Demo Lenoir considering a return to the team for next season since 2020 is an eligibility mulligan.  On one hand it says he is considered one of the top 15 corners in the next NFL draft, (??) yet he says there are things he can still learn and improve.

I don't know if this is just talk to stir up Social Media, or if he is serious.  How would that alter our thoughts about the secondary for next year?  (Or should we withhold our comment until after the Fiesta Bowl?)


2020 ODFB Oregon Vs Wisconsion897 Corno Lenoir Wright.JPG

Mr. FishDuck

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From the RG article..............."Cristobal said. I look forward to him playing his best football this coming Saturday and then watching him play for years to come on Sundays."

Lenoir isn't coming back.

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2 hours ago, Jon Joseph said:

And will his 'best football' Saturday be good enough?

Cristobal on Lenoir..................."He's as good as I've ever been around,”

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Lenoir may grow if he returns for another year.... But there is also the risk that with the amount of talent growing up behind him that he might have a diminished role.

Manning has been sidelined this year but next year he won't be and can Lenoir keep him from taking his starting spot? Probably for the start of a season but for the entire season? 

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