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Charles Fischer

Oregon Wins: "Just Enough to Grind One Out"

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Last night's Men Basketball victory over Colorado was especially sweet with the circumstances surrounding it.  The Ducks lost again in Bolder earlier this year, had Eric Williams out with injury again, and the Ducks lost Eugene Omoruyi to fouls late in this game--yet still found a way to win.  Will Richardson is so much better at driving and creating than the others and he makes such a difference for Our Beloved Ducks!  And the defense holding the 'Buffs to under 60 points? Whew!

Is this the beginning of a special run for the Men?

Defense Helps Ducks Grind Out W by GoDucks.com

Click below and see if you don't agree!

The Oregon Ducks take on the Colorado Buffaloes at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon on February 18, 2021 (Eric Evans Photography)

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Mr. FishDuck

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It is defense that holds a team together and wins games. Eugene had an off night, but was a force on the defensive end. This is what Altman teams do as the season comes to a close. 

Now if the offense comes alive and the defense stays tight, we might see a decent run. Monday's game will be telling. Can the Ducks put the O and D together against the top team?

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Thanks Charles, for posting the pic of Franck! He is quickly becoming a force that our opponents have to go around, as they cannot go through. Love to see his hustle!

Go Ducks!!

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