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  1. I am not much of a fan of any of the pro sports, but I am feeling strongly drawn to watch Justin and the Chargers this year. A big part of the attraction is watching a great quarterback do what a great quarterback should do to run the field and win games (unlike our unfortunate current Ducks situation). During the Ducks games this year I am finding myself sitting on the front half of my chair with my guts in a knot hoping we "don't lose" again..., but the couple chances I've had to watch Justin play this year, I can sit back in my chair, and enjoy the game. Wishing Justin and the Chargers good luck!
  2. I was expecting the headlines this morning to look something like this: "Ducks manage to not lose once again..." What a frustrating game to watch. I know it's horrible human behavior on my part, but every time AB took off on a blind run and ended up under (it seemed like...) 11 other players, I kept thinking (involuntarily of course!) that maybe this is the play where he gets hurt and we finally get to try out one of our young, athletic quarterbacks... To be fair to him, I do think he made better choices on his runs in this game than the last couple of games - not quite so much of the scramble for 2 yards and collapse at the bottom of the pile... It was awesome, however, to see KT come storming in and totally create havoc behind the line of scrimmage! I am looking forward to seeing him play the rest of the year. For me, that may be what it takes to keep watching the rest of the games this year. Go Ducks!!
  3. Thank you Charles, for the time and dedication you pour into this forum. I had kept the site bookmarked even after it had been taken down. I was hoping against hope that every time I checked it that it would be live again! I am grateful to you and my fellow forum members to have a place to come and enjoy Ducks comradeship without the negativity accompanying so many other sites. Go Ducks!!
  4. Thanks for posting this. I had bookmarked it to share today if no one else had. An excellent look into an Oregon Athlete that to me exemplifies the best of what we want our athletes to be - incredible performers on the field of play, and an even better student/citizen with a vision of life beyond the sport itself! Go Ducks!!
  5. I couldn't agree more! No matter how bad the Ducks were playing, these 2 clowns made it exponentially worse!
  6. Go Ducks!! (not beavers....)
  7. No excuses for our Ducks, but a couple notes from my extremely lay person's point of view... 1) Our Ducks have played a lot of games in the last 2 - 3 weeks, looked to me like they just didn't have their legs under them, possible fatigue. 2) We got to where we were in the season due to (among other things) Duarte being the fire cracker, getting things started, dishing the ball, nailing 3 pointers and stealing 2.0 balls per game. The last couple weeks, especially the last week, as Richardson is coming on stronger, I sense Duarte is backing off from being the play maker. I think the last stat I saw on his steals is that he is down to 1.7 steals per game. That seems like quite a drop-off in just a few games. I think there is some uncertainty between Will and Chris as to who is running the offense, and that uncertainty is causing Duarte to back off - not a good thing for us!! I think Coach Altman needs to get his arms around this and get Duarte back to being involved 110% like he has been all season. Just my .02 worth... Go Ducks!!
  8. I don't care what metric you use, it if shows Ducks winning, I'm good with it!! LOL!! Go Ducks!!
  9. I think a big part of the reason Coach Altman is so good is that he appears to be here for the journey, not just the trophy at the end. From comments following the UCLA game, he stated that he was just wanting the guys to have fun playing. I think that was in the context of the seniors enjoying their last games as Ducks, but to me it speaks overall of his objective as a coach. Also, if I understand the after game comments correctly, the players were the ones that wanted to crank up the defense and go man-to-man in their efforts to shut down the Bruins (which ended up winning the game for us!) Any Coach that cares more about the players than the trophy, and puts that together with a great coaching schematic is certainly going to have some level of success. I think Coach Altman adds something special through his personality that takes it over the top. We are truly blessed to have Coach Altman on our side! Go Ducks!!
  10. And, he always says it in the most sarcastic way possible... I do sometimes enjoy listening to his hyperbolic gushing when he is going on and on about how Oregon is owning the conference of champions, and also enjoy his "Eugene from Eugene " nickname for Omoruyi, but a lot of times I just have to tune him out. Oh, yeah, I also enjoy knowing that Duarte is going to continue to be right handed for the rest of the game... LOL!! Anyways, Go Ducks!!
  11. With the current talk of relocating our game with Ohio State to a neutral site since we lost the game at Autzen, I was thinking this could make a great "neutral" site! Imagine... 5pm start so we are prime time on the east coast, stands packed with the Oregon faithful, sun fading from view as we are on our way to winning our 2nd game of 2021! Could it happen?
  12. ...to quote the one who shall remain nameless... LOL!!
  13. In case anyone was trying to figure out why we're looking for a new Conference Commissioner...
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