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  1. I panicked for a second when I saw the dog face, but then I remembered - o yeah, UConn... LOL!!
  2. ...a moment I'll not soon forget... I believe the only way to heal from this atrocity is more trips to the Natty! Go Ducks!!!
  3. Payton's motor never stops... love that kid! Glad he's doing so well at the next level!! Go Ducks!!!
  4. As I believe most of the other posters have been, I too was drawn to the original FishDuck site by my love of Oregon Football. But I also believe that we (being awesome OREGON fans, have a deep appreciation for all the sports played throughout the year. I don't mind at all this forum being more football centered (especially with the recent disappointing ending to our season), but I know I also have a strong interest in the other sports. I'm enjoying the basketball background as I am also a big Ducks BB fan, and love how the college game is played. The only sport I personally participated in
  5. Glad to see Duarte get the recognition. Chris always hustles, and boy did he turn it UP in last 6 minutes on Saturday! His play, and the MBB win sure helped Saturday end on a better note... Congratulations Chris, and thanks for playing so hard! Go Ducks!!
  6. Dunno how things are going to go with Avalos, but I bet that Boise looks a lot better this morning than it did yesterday morning...
  7. wow... just jumping in here late with a few comments - if there is redundancy, my apologies... I really think we can hang this loss on the coaching staff, primarily the Head Coach. Taking Shough out just before the end of the first drive really messed with our mojo. We've been hearing that they wanted Tyler to get his confidence back, but subbing him out right before the good stuff happened was a bad idea. I'm not sure the coaches were successful in getting buy-in from him about this new 2 quarterback system that seemed to pop up overnight as it were. Then when Brown couldn't sustain an a
  8. I am enjoying the direction the Oregon Brand is taking. Too many disappointing losses on the national stage due to being built lean for speed. I appreciate the foundational elements that MC is insisting on, while still implementing speed and talent to compliment. If we want to beat the national power houses consistently, we will need to do what they do, but better! I feel that is the direction we're heading, and I am excited about the continuing evolution of Oregon Football! I am also enjoying the direction of this new Forum! I remember being drawn to the original FishDuck site years
  9. LOL!!! You're welcome BigDucksFan! I relate to that waaaay too well! Thanks Charles for all the time and hard work you are putting into this forum - we all appreciate it tremendously!!
  10. It looks like it is a way to quote a post and reply to it with your own post.
  11. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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