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  1. Huh?? Why the premise that we'll go down the same path as Washington?? Maybe I missed the National Championship winning DC position on Jimmy Lake's resume?? Good Grief Charlie Brown. This article reminds me of silly putty - quite a stretch.
  2. My expectation is that we will hear football noise that is the equivalent of a Dodge Hellcat at wide open throttle.
  3. I've been pondering a response to the OP while reading other responses, and I've had to conclude that anything I might write from the heart will significantly violate our TOS (which I have TON of respect for, BTW). Suffice to say that I wish the worst for the usuck backstabbers, and the best for us. In terms of music, I'm a big Avenged Sevenfold fan. Letting that band name soak in for a few moments is the closest I can come (here) to saying my true feelings. I like the idea of go big or go home! Time to go big!! (and I'm not meaning B1G btw...) I want something that stays more local but comes together to kick butt!! Time to take charge! Go Ducks!!
  4. Thanks NJDuck for posting Canzano's missives here. I'm subscribed, and get all these in my email, but for some reason when you post them here they are much more readable. I have enjoyed reading Canzano for many years - don't always agree with him, but I like his style. Thanks again for taking the time to post these! OlCodgerDuck
  5. I like Marcus a lot, and hope this becomes his moment to break out. Go Ducks!!
  6. I enjoyed the write up about Jaydon Grant. I haven't followed the Blazers for a long time, but Brian Grant will always be one of my all time favorite Blazers. It's good to hear about local kids doing great things, even if it's for the Beavers. I hope Jaydon has an outstanding year, except when the Beavs play us, of course! Go Ducks!!
  7. I'm in the car service biz (50+yrs...) and one thing I jokingly tell my coworkers and customers I have a relationship with is that the reason God put a floor board in cars is so that you can rest the accelerator pedal against it while driving. LOL!! I am looking forward (once again) to an offensive coordinator that knows how to rest the accelerator pedal on the floor board and keep his foot OFF the brake pedal! Go Ducks!!
  8. Holy crap!! I don't know how heavy the bale was, but when I was bucking bales as a muuuuch younger Olcodgerduck, the grass bales in Alaska were ~65lbs, and I was lucky if I could throw it 3 - 4 feet over my head... That was an impressive bale toss!! Yikes!! I'm gonna guess that's about a 180 degree difference from the culture at usuck... LOL!! I may watch some of usuck's games after all, just so I can laugh my backside off... haha!
  9. So, maybe it's the whole bipolar Jekyll vs. Hyde thing... On one side you had Mari No Offense, on the other side you had Mari No Defense? Hmmm... One can only wonder! LOL!! I'm glad we're way better off now!! Go Ducks!!
  10. Great song! Unfortunately, I feel like we're already deep into the "done been fooled again..." stage, doggonit! With my fellow posters above, I too am grateful for a green sanctuary where us Ducks of a feather can flock together! Go Ducks!!
  11. Or, was he Shanghaied as was a popular practice in many of our "well" established major population centers on the west coast (see underground tours in any of your favorite major cities of the west coast for reference...). Even Pendleton has a formerly Asian underground well versed in selling folks down the river where a "drink" in the wrong place at the wrong time could see you shipped out involuntarily into the merchant marine...
  12. As an aficionado of Japanese novels, I have some understanding of the above mentioned procedure. Better hope your second (for lack of a better term) doesn't miss... LOL!!
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