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  1. Holy crap, I had no Idea that PrimeTime was 55yo!! All of a sudden I feel like a dinosaur... (at least I hope I was a T-Rex or something cool like that... LOL!!)
  2. This thread is like the gift that keeps on giving. Every time I check back, there are some new nuggets to enjoy!! Go Ducks!!
  3. Something I noticed during a sideline huddle was Lanning talking over Lupoi. He was fired up, and Lupoi just kind of hung his head and stared at his clip board (my impression). I think Coach Lanning may be realizing that for this defense to work, he is going to have to be more personally involved. Just an observation. Go Ducks!!
  4. This being TT's 3rd year in the program, I'm still trying to figure out what the previous staff was doing with QB "development". I think we're seeing a pattern, though, of Mari no O's program of natural QB regression. There's a track record to follow - vastly under utilizing the fabulous JH, turning AB into merely a journey man QB from what he was, and turning TT into a "mannequin'. At present he has moved on and is now focusing his efforts on turning a potential Heisman candidate into what AB was last year. A normal expectation of TT is that he would, at the very least, not be worse than he was in high school. But to watch him, it's apparent that he really wants to be anywhere but on the field at that moment. @JMac above is correct, the loss isn't on TT, but he sure as (substitute adjectives of your choice here) didn't do anything to try avoiding the loss. At the very least, I would like to see Butters get a shot. If he shows any emotion at all, win, lose or draw, it would be an improvement IMHO. Go Ducks!!
  5. Wow! Great analysis Charles! I like the science displayed in Coach Lanning's strategies (or is it rather strategeries?). This concept makes the onside kick/stolen possession in the 2nd quarter of the Bruins game all the more relevant. Not only did we get to score in back to back possessions - we stole time! (Can you imagine an old fashioned bandit, kerchief over his face, six gun drawn, entering a bank and yelling "Gimme your time or else!!". And grabbing the clock off the wall, jumping on his horse and racing out of town, chased in a cloud of dust by the Sheriff and a posse!) I posit that is exactly what Coach Lanning did as a result of the successful onside kick. Employing the clock as an ally rather than an adversary makes sense to me. Any time you are dealing with a set of absolutes, and can tip those absolutes in your favor, you greatly affect the outcome in your own favor. It means taking control and managing for the best outcome*. My observation of this current Duck's staff, buoyed by the above analysis, is that they are reducing the random, and further convinces me that great times are ahead for Our Beloved Ducks!! Go Ducks!! *And wandering a little again, I am so pleased that in a significant game there were no timeouts called at the beginning of play, or to decide whether to go for it on 4th down, or.... You get my point! Have a great day all my Ducks kinfolk, and enjoy all the ponderings of Our Beloved Ducks!! Go Ducks!!
  6. Thanks, Charles, for the pic of Cam McCormick. It's so good seeing him playing football after all he's been through the last several years. Go Ducks!!
  7. I agree the onside kick/recovery is not equal to the pick. However, it was a genius move at the right time and place. The fact they pulled this off against Chip caused me to laugh my backside off. Way to go Coach Lanning and staff!! Go Ducks!!
  8. I told my wife the same thing. If the guy can drop a 57 yard dime into the waiting arms of a receiver running at full speed, he could have thrown another touch down. The fact he threw to a waiting receiver - but beyond the end zone - indicates this was planned as the play to end the game. Props to Coach Lanning for outstanding sportsmanship! Go Ducks!!
  9. -the winner Oregon --the score 48 - 35 --the amount of turnovers Oregon creates 4 --the number of sacks Oregon records on the opposing team 3 --the number of passing yards by the Ducks. 325 yards
  10. I think the injuries I was most concerned about with the former coaching staff were all the significant injuries that happened during practice - taking guys out for weeks at a time because "we have to be tougher and more physical...".
  11. Maybe we should count eyeballs instead of viewers... LOL!!
  12. I happened to catch parts of the 3rd & 4th quarters of the Miami/NC game last weekend. As I was observing Miami's offense, it was like deja vu all over again, except the colors were different. They would get up to the line of scrimmage, get set early in the play clock, and then they would all start looking around like they didn't know what they were doing. The one play in particular that I recall was in the 4th quarter, Miami was down by 7 pts, and the clock was ticking. Instead of snapping their set play with 25 seconds on the play clock, they were all looking to the sideline to see what Mari-no-O was going to change the play to. Finally, after ticking the play clock down to about 4 seconds, they got reset and snapped for a play that turned out to be embarrassing. It was not the play above, but pretty similar. The lost look of the offense, the uncertainty, and finally the incompetence was so familiar that I got a little sick feeling in my stomach remembering so much of the same look with OBD when Mari-no-O was coaching Oregon. Ticking later into the 4th quarter, down by at least a score, there was no urgency, no feeling of confidence displayed, the whole team - coaches included - were just mailing it in. Oh yeah, and then it was 4th and 2 (?) and Mari-no-O took a time out because he couldn't decide if he wanted to go for it or kick. Good grief Charlie Brown... I have debated with myself all week about even posting these thoughts. It's not my intention to just bash away at Mari-no-O, but I can't help but feel that we were delivered from the eye of the hurricane in the nick of time, and are so blessed to have received Coach Lanning and staff! I am super excited for the rest of our season, starting with UCLA next weekend! Win, lose or draw, our situation has improved by at least 150%, and I can't wait to see the improvement each week as Coach Lanning and staff continue striving for OBD to be the best! Go Ducks!!
  13. If you take another look at the article, I believe those are Canzano's thoughts / words in commenting on what Kevin Warren had said above. YMMV
  14. Good morning Charles, it's great to see your analysis! I appreciate your insight as the way you break down and explain plays helps me enjoy watching my Ducks even more! Go Ducks!!
  15. I would take it further. I think they should not only lose their scholarship, but they should be booted from the team, and excluded from any team benefits such as weight room and training facilities. In my view, sitting is quitting, and quitters should not only get the boot, but they should also ultimately lose that redshirt year they are trying to salvage.
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