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Those Crazy Californians are at it Again

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The California state assembly has started another bill to focus on college athletes rights. AB-609 "The College Athlete Race and Gender Equity Act"

This would require California universities to pay football and men's basketball players big dollars in royalties for the use of their name, image and likeness. 

It would also prevent universities from building athletic facilities just to keep up with other schools. Things like locker rooms, weight rooms, arenas, and other. 

This bill is an extension of the radical requests made in the #WeAreUnited demands signed by Pac-12 football players last summer. 

More details can be found in the Dallas Post right here.

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This could be the beginning of the end of college football as we know it...

Mr. FishDuck

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Seems like it would be illegal.  If the money is donated private money for stadiums, locker rooms, etc, it doesn't seem like you can prevent universites to spend that money.  What about the private universities, they wouldn't have to follow the same rules. 

I don't like the arms race college sports has become, but I'm not sure they have done a lot of thinking about this bill.  I know Oregon does some ads with their athletes, but not much.  Also, I'm not sure they get paid any money.  More likely they pay people to show or display their ads.  How do you quantify image and likeness where there are no 100% factual numbers.

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