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Charles Fischer

Oregon won a UNIFORM Award for this Past Season...

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However you feel about it--here it is.  I will admit to finally getting weary of colors that are not of white, green or yellow as uniforms.  Thoughts?

Danny O'Neil JG.jpg

I still love the above better--what a rich green color!

Mr. FishDuck

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I've been on a few design award juries over the years, and I think this is a good example of how the award-givers' criteria is different from the general public's. An award like this is really only considering new uniform designs, so any classic ones don't really count, or aren't considered. I'm not a big fan of this uniform, because as an old-school fan I don't like any faux patterning on jerseys.

But I can see why it won an award. There are SO many new uniform designs that are just poorly executed. This one has real clarity from a design point of view. It distinctly takes inspiration from Polynesian culture, which is clear, and the colors really pop against the black jersey. Charles, I'm with you all the way when it comes to personal tastes and uniforms. It's just apples and oranges.

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