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Powledge and Special Teams

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Special teams was one of the Ducks weakest links. I don't know much about Coach Powledge but if he was one of the ST coaches hopefully Coach Lanning can make an improvement. I believe our first year coach over-looked this crucial aspect of having a complete football team.

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Prowledge was co DC and safeties. 


Lorig is special teams and to be blunt we need to judge him more on next year's performance than this year's. Under Cristobal special teams were neglected and it will take more than a season to fix. 


Special teams need a lot of work still but they should be getting some added love and improvement over time. 


Under Cristobal kicking was awful... Kick off was underwhelming... Punting was actually ok with Tom Snee. Returning was hit or miss with Mykael Write we had a few good returns but overall it was non-existent. Then pint return there generally wasn't much there either. 


It's being prioritized now under Lanning but they are certainly not there yet. And I do think some of the return coverage problems will take some time to figure out along with an improving defense. 

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