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Canzano: Remote Broadcast Rankles Pac-12

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Fox Sports is one of the primary partners in the B1G $billion annual contract.  Would you be comfortable with an entity that is obligated to pay you hundreds of millions each year drawing the following comment?


FOX Sports has a business to run. Amid cord cutting and regional sports networks teetering on bankruptcy, the network is under increasing pressure to reduce expenses.



Part 1 of a series on Pac-12 basketball.


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Need to have this in the contract.  Any time there is a game between 2 ranked teams, there has to be live broadcasters.  Or any time there is a game between the top 4 teams in the Pac 12, there needs to be alive broadcasters. 


If you don't have it in writing, they don't have to do it, even though it would seem to be implied.

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The broadcast quality of the game last night on FSi left a lot to be desired. There were misidentified players, even of teams at times. I think Fox should do better. This is what Duck insider Matt Prehm had to say:



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