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Ducks Digest: Oregon Football Signee Spotlight Series

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: Wide Receiver Jurrion Dickey


Jurrion Dickey is the headliner of Dan Lanning's 2023 recruiting class and should have a big-time impact in Eugene.


Dickey is as physical a receiver as you'll find in the high school ranks. The great thing about him is that he doesn't have to sacrifice fundamentals or technique. 


He's a strong route runner that has great lateral quickness and change of direction, which not only helps him get separation but also make plays after the catch.


He's elite when it comes to high-pointing 50/50 balls, using supreme athleticism to win one-on-one matchups.


Click here to read this Max Torres article from Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: Defensive Lineman Johnny Bowens III


Johnny Bowens joins Dan Lanning and the Ducks 2023 recruiting class as one of the more physical defensive players.


Turning on Bowens' film is something that would get any football fan hyped up just by how aggressive and locked in he is on the field. Whether it’s stuffing the run or getting constant quarterback pressure, the 6-foot-3 defensive lineman can get it done.


What stood out to me was his body control when it came to attacking the ball carrier. Once Bowens made a first initial push through the offensive tackle it was game of chase that he mostly won.

Click here to read this Max Torres article from Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: RB Dante Dowdell

Dante Dowdell is the second running back from SEC country that Carlos Locklyn has brought to Eugene.


The first trait that stands out on Dowdell's film is his physicality. He's difficult to tackle, often plowing through defenders or shucking off would-be tacklers with a vicious stiff arm. 


His elusiveness doesn't end there though as he also displays athleticism with fairly routine hurdles, getting all 210 pounds of his 6-2 frame airborne with ease. Dowdell doesn't consistently rely on spins or jukes from side to side, but that doesn't mean he's without some wiggle in his game.


Read about Dowdell in this article from Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: Safety Tyler Turner


Playing more of a Nickel back for his high school during his senior season, Turner brings both that safety and downhill linebacker mentality when he's on the field. He's physical and quick to the ball no matter which direction the ball carrier is going and has no problem chasing them down.


His pursuit and form tackling remind me of Bennett Williams during his time with the Ducks. Turner shows a lot of similar attributes to Williams and based off some of his high school clips he looks like he could match his speed to the ball.


Coverage wise he's also quick to the ball and uses his long arms to bat down balls with ease in one-on-one matchups. Turner is also quick to jump the ball when it's thrown in his vicinity.


Click here to read about Tyler Turner in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: TE Kenyon Sadiq

Kenyon Sadiq is one of the lesser known players in Oregon's 2023 class but that could change in a hurry.


When you turn on the tape you'll see him lining up all over the field, but a lot of his best plays actually come from the receiver spot. He has great speed for his size at 6'3", 220 pounds, which he routinely uses to get behind defenses and outrun defenders.


Sadiq also has strong ball skills, climbing the ladder and mossing defensive backs throughout his senior year. One of his best games of the year came against Sandpoint in the Idaho 4A semifinals, when he turned six catches into 246 yards and five touchdowns. 


Click here to read about Kenyon Sadiq in Ducks Digest


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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: CB Cole Martin

Today we'll be taking a look at one of the best overall athletes the Oregon Ducks  signed in December. Oregon cornerback signee Cole Martin is a player that can make a strong impact in the secondary for years to come.


Being a versatile player at one of the hardest positions in the game is not easy, but Martin makes it look easy on tape. He has this almost Jalen Ramsey type of play when you turn on his film like he wants opponents to know he's the best on the field. 


His open field tackling is one of his best traits at the speed he gets to the ballcarrier. Most corners shoot for the lower tackling angles, but Martin has a teach tape type of form tackling that allowed him to get 84 tackles in his senior season.


Click here to read about Cole Martin in Ducks Digest.

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This is a fantastic thread of information.  Thanks Pennsylvania Duck!

Mr. FishDuck

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: Safety Kodi DeCambra

The Ducks signed a pair of high school safeties in the 2023 class and DeCambra has a ton of potential after playing ball at a national powerhouse.


His fired-up energy matches his ability to get into the receiver's heads as it looked like they would look for Decambra first rather than the ball, causing a lot of incompletions. Just because he plays great, and is good in coverage doesn't mean he's afraid to make a hit. He excels at making open-field tackles, something new safeties coach Chris Hampton has noted is key for his group.


Being one of two safety signees along with Tyler Turner, DeCambra plays more of the true safety position down the field, whereas Turner plays a more of that Nickel spot. Either way, both players are strong in coverage and and are more than capable of being imposing defensive backs at the next level.


Click here to read about Kodi DeCambra in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: QB Austin Novosad

Listed at 6-foot-3 Texas native was one the best pocket passers in the nation. He finished his senior season going 200/310 (64.5%) while racking up 2,911 yards, 39 touchdowns and only five interceptions in 14 games. He was also able to add two touchdowns on the ground.


Oregon is getting a real slinger at the quarterback position. He's very confident in the pocket and is almost never distracted when it seems like it is collapsing.


When he does step up in the pocket to get the ball to the receivers, it's right on the money more often than not, with his accuracy being a key calling card in his game. Not to mention his zip on the ball made it hard for defenders to even make a play.


Click here to read about Austin Novosad in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: OL Iapani Laloulu


Today's Signee Spotlight will take us to the trenches. We're focusing on 2023 Oregon Ducks offensive line signee Iapani Laloulu. 


He's the younger brother of Faaope Laloulu and is looking to make a name for himself in Eugene after becoming one of the top interior offensive linemen in the country.


The first thing that pops on the film for Laloulu is the raw power he possesses. 


He has strong hands and is good at hand fighting with defenders, beating their arms down to knock them off balance. Furthermore, when he gets his hands on a defender, he's a difficult blocker to shed. 


Click here to read about Iapani Laloulu in Ducks Digest.


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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: DL A'Mauri Washington

Despite being nearly 300 pounds he's very light on his feet. He shows good short-area burst and his length at 6'4" aids in his pursuit of quarterbacks and the ballcarrier. He very much has the body type recruiting experts and coaches tell you isn't typically found out West.


Another complement to his athleticism is his play style. He showcases good leverage and has a compact running style which allows him to be involved on so many plays.


His strength and power off the line of scrimmage help him shuck blockers and eat up double teams. Even when teams double team him, Washington finds a way to impact the play, getting a hand on a ball to bat a pass or pushing his blocker into the action. In 2022 he forced two fumbles and had nine pass deflections.


Click here to read about A'Mauri Washington in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: WR Ashton Cozart


Cozart uses his size to his ability to make plays down the field. He was a taller wide receiver at the high school level and spent a majority of his time as the outside receiver on an island against defensive backs.


With his size also comes speed that allows him to shake defenders off when running his routes. A majority of his touchdowns came from simply being the faster man and getting that first initial step in his route break down.


When he's tested in press coverage is when you get to see his route development really come out. What's also impressive in the film is how many plays were 20 yards or more downfield rather than quick and go routes.


He's just as shifty when he gets the ball as he had a habit of making defenders whiff on attempted tackles. Safety help didn't affect his play as he used his frame to make those consistently took the top off defenses.


Click here to read about Ashton Cozart in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: Edge Teitum Tuioti


Sheldon's Teitum Tuioti, an edge rusher in the 2023 class will be looking to make a name for himself at Oregon. 

On his senior film he shared his best plays at his edge position while also helping on offense as a Tight end- Y Back.


The first few plays that were shown was him meeting the running backs directly in the backfield from the opposite side of the field. His tall frame with his speed is complimented by his physical strength.


He really sticks out from the rest of his opponents on the film as it looked like he was doing everything. Playing on the edge allowed him to also drop back into a quick coverage, which he also excelled at.


Click here to read more about Teitum Tuioti in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: RB Jayden Limar

Oregon flipped Jayden Limar from Notre Dame late in the 2023 cycle, giving Carlos Locklyn another versatile back.


Limar is a dynamic talent out of the backfield. He rushed for over 2,000 yards and 36 touchdowns as a senior, all while averaging 9.1 yards per carry. 


Lake Stevens ran a shotgun-heavy offense that suited him well and allowed him to showcase his home run speed on a regular basis. He's definitely got some wiggle to his game, as he displayed good change of direction and agility on tape. At 5'11", 190 pounds he still has some room to add some weight to his frame, which will serve him well so long as he doesn't lose any speed.


What makes him different from Dowdell, aside from their physical stature, is his use in the passing game. In 2022 Limar caught 26 passes for 330 yards and four touchdowns. Those stats won't blow anyone away, but he also lined up in the slot at times which shows just how versatile he is. 


Click here to read about Jayden Limar in Ducks Digest.

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Oregon Football Signee Spotlight: EDGE Blake Purchase


Purchase is as physical as he is athletic. He played a mix of both the interior and exterior of the defensive line during his senior campaign, but mostly stayed at his true edge spot.


His get off speed mixed with his use of hands to shuck offensive linemen help get him into the backfield with ease. If the ball was on the opposite side of the field Purchase found a way to get there as well. He has an itch to get where he's supposed to be and do it in a hurry.


His long strides and quickness make his 240 pounds look like feather weight. He mainly played as a stand-up lineman even in the interior but still managed to be the lower man to make multiple plays in the backfield.


Purchase was named 2022 Colorado Gatorade High School Football Player of the year in early December. He finished his senior year with 57 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, 18 sacks, eight pass deflections and a forced fumble. 


Click here to read the article about Blake Purchase in Ducks Digest.

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Signee Spotlight: OL Gernorris Wilson


Oregon adds some depth up front with a state champion from the Sunshine State. In today's signee spotlight we're taking a look at a signee along the offensive trenches. Sunshine state native Gernorris Wilson from Lakeland, FL joins an offensive powerhouse in Oregon's 2023 recruiting class.


VITALS Height/Weight: 6’5”/285 pounds -Hometown: Lakeland, FL -High School: Lakeland School -Status: Enrolled





One thing that coaches love to see on tape is their player’s giving 110% each play and that's exactly what Wilson did for his team. Being 6-foot-5, 285 pounds comes with a huge advantage that he utilizes very well.


From the initial contact on the defender to driving him into the ground 15 yards down the field, Wilson displays that elite offensive lineman talent all through his film. Even if a defender runs at him full speed it's like hitting a brick wall.


His run blocking is scary good, specifically how fast he gets to his blocking assignment and even sneaks an additional block in from time to time. He plays with good leverage as the low man on his blocks, allowing him to easily drive through his opponent. Pass blocking is just as good at his guard position. If no one comes his way his head is moving everywhere to find someone free to defend his quarterback.




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Welcome to the Flock, young man.

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Signee Spotlight: CB Collin Gill


Oregon adds a versatile defensive back from Washington, D.C. in their 2023 class. In today’s spotlight we will be taking a look at another east to west coast connection with the signing of another corner back. Three-star Collin Gill will be joining a corner back room looking to redeem themselves.



Height/Weight: 6’0/200 pounds -Hometown: Waldorf, MD -High School: St. Johns College High School - First-Team All-WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) Defensive back




2023 Oregon OL Gernorris Wilson EVALUATION Playing a mix of both corner and safety, Gill looked impressive at both spots. When he plays safety he's able to fly to the ball and get a hand up in the receiver's face, forcing regular incompletions.


The same thing can be said while at corner, only difference is he'll keep up with the receiver right from the start. Being athletic enough to play both positions also allows him to develop into an elite defensive player by understanding the different views of the defense.


His tackling is also great, he breaks down a lot before wrapping up the ballcarrier one-on-one in the open field. He flies to the opposite side of the field if he has to in order to make a play.  A lot of his highlights had him batting balls down left and right which is great thing to see. His best trait has to be his timing, getting to receiver just before or as the ball arrives in time to make plays.




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Oregon Spring Ball Player Spotlight: Austin Novosad and the future of the Ducks' QB position


The Oregon Ducks will be taking the practice field and getting the spring football season started a week from today. This fact has brought a ton of excitement to Eugene.


Why? Because after the successful and encouraging 2022 season under Dan Lanning, there seems to be more anticipation surrounding this program than we’ve seen in the past few seasons. The Ducks have a Heisman contender at quarterback, a potential Biletnikoff contender at wide receiver, and a running back group that could be among the best in the nation next season. On the defensive side of the ball, there are some key returning starters in the front seven, a couple of promising up-and-coming players in the secondary, and a handful of intriguing transfer-portal players who could end up making a massive difference for Oregon. On top of all of that, the Ducks are fresh off of back-to-back top-15 recruiting classes, stacking the roster with young, unproven talent.


It’s safe to say that there are a handful of guys that we can’t wait to see take the field in Eugene.


To kick off our preview of some of these players, we wanted to focus on QB Austin Novosad, a 4-star player from the 2023 class who flipped to Oregon late in the game, choosing Will Stein and the Ducks over the Baylor Bears.


Here’s our breakdown of the young QB who could end up giving a glimpse of what’s to come this spring in Eugene.


The Hype Going into Spring



There are a handful of Ducks we can’t wait to see once spring ball starts. QB Austin Novosad is near the top of the list.


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Oregon Spring Ball Player Spotlight: Kenyon Sadiq's instant-impact opportunity


The Oregon Ducks will be taking the practice field and getting the spring football season later this week. This fact has brought a ton of excitement to Eugene.


We’re going to continue by putting the spotlight on incoming 2023 TE Kenyon Sadiq, one of the top-rated players in Oregon’s most recent class.


The Hype Going into Spring


De’Anthony Thomas holds the record for the most touchdowns by a true freshman in Oregon Ducks history, with 18. Im not saying that Kenyon Sadiq is going to come close to breaking that, but I do think he will find a place on the list.


Here’s our breakdown of the dynamic athlete who could end up carving out a sizeable role as a true freshman.


Kenyon Sadiq is supremely talented and comes to Eugene at a position of need. Can he prove his worth this spring?


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