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ESPN: Oregon's Top Newcomer for 2023 Will Be on the Offensive Line

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 South Carolina defender Jordan Burch is believed by many to be one of the best gets of any team from the transfer portal all winter. A highly-rated recruit, a player with loads of potential at a position of need, it makes sense why a pass-rusher pairing up with Dan Lanning in Eugene would inspire excitement.


But maybe the player (or players) who stand to make the biggest impact on the Ducks next season is on the other side of the line of scrimmage. 


At Oregon, ESPN’s Paolo Uggetti said offensive linemen Ajani Cornelius and Junior Angilau could wind up as the most important gets...


Click here to read this Derek Peterson article from Saturday Out West.


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On 2/7/2023 at 5:38 PM, Pennsylvania Duck said:

Ajani Cornelius and Junior Angilau

Wow—I don’t know that I’ve heard either of these names. How exciting!

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They all have potential, the offseason question is who will turn potential into action, leadership and wins. I certainly hope we see more out of our potential going forward. 


I think it will be interesting to watch some of these junior and senior transfers work to live up to their potential. A guy like Burch is working toward a job in the NFL, Williams too. Will they bring their best season ever as they know this is the opportunity to shine? 


A freshman or sophomore may not have the sense of urgency, nor the experience to know what it takes. These older transfers, may, and hopefully will bring leadership, intelligence, and effort we need to take the next step.


Last year there were many questions about Nix and he more than stepped up. Hopefully some of these guys on defense will do the same.

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     The most important ‘get’ on the other side of the line is who will be DL’s new OL coach. With the necessary adjustments to a new guy’s methods, and limited spring/fall practices to implement those changes, getting five veterans and new faces working together at the level they’ll need to in order to protect Bo, open holes and down field block will be a challenge. 

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