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  1. And going up against Nyara and Sedona in practice is just the experience she needs to help develop her into the dominant force she shows flashes of becoming.
  2. I must be missing something, but when I look at the physical distance separating the two benches, and the fact that placed between them are two media tables with scoring and time keeping officials between the two tables, Barnes must have some ears to be hearing a constant cussing coming from Kelly amid all that fan noise! Also, if he was going off as she insists, don’t you think at least one of the officials (who are closer to him) would have heard, and reported the outbursts to the floor officials triggering a warning and possible TF? I must be missing something.
  3. Our relay potential sure looks promising.
  4. I’m still floating on air! What I like best though is both programs seem to get that because of their early season losses, they have very little wiggle room if they want to get to the place they want at the dance. It’s all about effort. Like Maddie Scherr said, “It’s so simple, we’re getting stops.”
  5. I agree that one option is to simply turn the SEC into a AAA league run by the NFL. But Alston does not effect rearming the NCAA from the vantage point of a booster-focused point of view. Alston effects caps on student-athlete benefits only; ie, academic related expenses.
  6. Love the humor; have to, because it’s such a pathetic joke. The beauty of out of control situations is that they eventually run smack into a wall or drown themselves. Either way is fine with me. When that happens, the universities will once again have the chance to do what they should have done in the first place when this media-driven mad cash cow first started to raise its ugly head: funnel ALL sports-related income into general funds governed by boards of trustees who mutually agree to limit this arms race because they can now see it only leads to mutual self-destruction. Agree to a certain percentage for athletic departments reviewable annually, and allow the NCAA to once again have the teeth to deal with the back alley deals driven by boosters. If the Alabama’s and 5*s of this world bridle at such a decision, so be it. If the NFL wants some kid bad enough and the kid wants to go, go the basketball route, and let them have him. Education first; sports second. That’s the only way college sports can survive.
  7. Not too many desirable recruits are going to have the vision to see through the glitzy surface being presented by some recruiters. But, it’s the ones who do — who think outside the box (football success only) — that will not only be drawn to Oregon, but will help others to see this important academic result, and end up being some of our best recruiters. Thib is a case in point. Not only is he a great athlete, but he has a vision of his own success after football. And, he’s not afraid to talk about how Oregon helps build its program-continuum to benefit the chances of the student/athlete to realize and grasp this later success. From the concrete emphasis place on athlete academic excellence demonstrated by the Jaqua Center, to the manifold Nike-driven benefits that athletes can take advantage of during and after their days at Oregon, this built-in molding of the entire person needs to be perceived for what it is: Oregon’s focus on not just using the athlete, but being of genuine use to the athlete afterwards. Thibs gets this, and gets that message out there. Thank you!
  8. Yup, feels like the cop whose writing a loitering ticket for some panhandler while the mayor’s limo roars by at twice the speed limit.
  9. Before going the cable tv commentator route, Miller was an assistant coach at ASU, Texas, Eastern Kentucky, and; yes . . . . wait for it — USC.
  10. Like Dana said, it wasn’t like some magic pill; it was effort — playing harder, and that always starts on defense. No matter when it finally happens, it sure is exciting when Altman gets the engine tuned!
  11. Think we saw it following that USC inbound pass on our end of the court that we jammed into a shot clock expiration. The camera went to Enfield, and you can read his lips saying, “what the f**k are you doing!”.
  12. I pretty much agree with what Lanning said at the press conference. The kids you want are the ones who want to be here.
  13. There is always a tendency to only see the negative rather than the positive anytime you lose a coach to another program — human nature. It soothes the pain, and makes the loss not seem so bad. That said, Mario is good people — period. He not only means well, he does well, to the best of his ability. His list of strengths is a lot longer than his weaknesses. Unfortunately, it was one of those weaknesses that was driving most of us to the looney bin. But in the end, I think most of us wish him nothing but the best.
  14. About the only way that’s going to happen is if Miami forfeits all there time-outs.
  15. Mario ‘what you see is not what you get’ Cristobal will do just as well if not better recruiting to his new program. What he won’t get are all those frustrated, untapped, hungry kids from the Miami neighborhoods that filled the roster in his playing days. They now get top drawer offers from everywhere. And with the inability MC has shown thus far to transform talent into players, that local source of hungry motivation will be sorely missed.
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