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  1. A new program could be just the jolt TT requires to finally take charge of himself. Wish him well.
  2. True; however, wasn’t there also a time when our Ducks were most likely an overpaid have-not?
  3. I wonder if the same question was asked last year on a USC forum between season tickets and the Tulane game.
  4. Clearly, the calmer, wiser authorities at both schools (if there are any left who fit that description) need to call a time out and send both programs to their rooms, and let the dust settle before approaching the possibility of renewing the rivalry. Too much boiling over right now to access the bigger picture.
  5. Getting him might also keep Stein focused on where he is.
  6. Still not convinced we came out flat. I think we came out ready and got haymakered by a higher ranked, super-pumped 12-0 team that felt disrespected by being a 9-1/2 point underdog to a team they’d beaten twice in a row. If anything, we were sucker punched by the odds makers. As to Deboer, next season should be telling as to how much of his current success is do the coaching/system, and how much was Michael Penix. Will he be able to plug and play, or - like Bo - will he find that Heisman-worthy QBs don’t grow on trees
  7. Except for older Ducks, you can mention the Don James era among today’s Oregon fans without getting much of a response. Mention Oregon’s 2004-2015 12 game win streak among Husky fans, and they’ll literally stop talking to you (as happened to me on Oct 14th waiting in line at their stadium). What once drove the engine for revenge among the Duck faithful has slowly faded into history, while the puppies are still livid with rage over how we mistreated them not so long ago. I think it still feeds their fire and we saw some of that on Friday. But, what goes around . . . string enough 3 point losses together, and guess what happens?
  8. On the replay, looks like he had his eyes on something going on to his right, and only brought his attention in front of himself about the same time the ball arrived. Happens.
  9. Living in the kennel as I do, I come in contact with that sort of experience more often than one might think. Just this morning at my barbershop, I sat next in line to a Husky fan in the chair who was cooly assessing his teams chances to the barber based on both teams’ games with the Beavers, and didn’t think the comparison played well for his team. We bantered a bit, trading our respective views on the game, and doing it with appreciation and respect. Yes, he was, like myself, an older fan no longer confined by the passionate blinders of youth.
  10. It’s interesting in this new world of NIL/portal-driven quarterback acquisition-recruiting to think about where in the future promising high school QB recruits are going to choose to play if top tier programs continue to relegate inexperience to the shelf while they play the revolving door game of replacing outgoing experience with someone that keeps the program from skipping a beat. Makes me wonder if small college conferences will become the developing ground for the best QB talent just so they can gain the on field experience that allows them to transfer to the programs where they originally wanted to be.
  11. Thought I was going to be a total mess going into this game week, but for some reason I began thinking about both Dan’s ‘Oregon vs Oregon’ and Chip’s ‘Faceless Opponent’, and the puppies just disappeared. We’re going to win the last PAC 12 Championship. It really doesn’t matter who the opponent is.
  12. Giving in to desperation leads you in directions you’ve no control over. I’m still pondering my first thought at the hiring of Sanders. What is the University of Colorado thinking?
  13. You don’t see that many quality O linemen in the transfer portal for a very good reason. They develop into high round draft choices not just by being individually talented, but by maturing as a part of a group within systems that teach them how to communicate at a high level with one another.
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