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Charles Fischer

Behavior Stats: How Did We Do in 2022 and for the Life of the OBD Forum?

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Our forum behavior, as defined by the number of violations and percentage of total posts, went up a bit in 2022, from 2021.  The bottom line?  Over the life of the forum from late September of 2021 through the end of February of 2023--we have had 72,788 posts written with a total of 325 violations or edits done. 


That is nearly 45ths/100ths of 1% of all posts written, or rounded off going from 3/10ths of 1% violations up to 4/10ths of 1% of violations.  Now I think that is a low number, but as a percentage of increase--it is not good.  The problem is that most people want to write whatever they want to write--when they want to write it or they are out.  Never mind the impact on the community, and that is today's selfish culture I've written about before!


I would not wish the notifying/haggling 325 times on anyone. (Oh goody...I get to do that the rest of my life?)


It is a shame that we lost a number of people because they loved the rules until the rules were applied to them, and they could not handle even a notification email.  But the good news is that we attracted a number of great new members who write great posts.  I love this community, and look forward to the great times ahead!


We get along just fine, and then....




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Mr. FishDuck

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Thanks for taking the time to compile and share this info with us, Charles. As always, your GIFs are the best. You always manage to leave me smiling with those. 

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I would like to nominate Pennsylvania Duck as 2022 Rookie of the Year! Comes on to FishDuck with grace, and a massive impact.

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Love the forum! The main reason is the civility. Things are discussed politely and disagreements are always civil, it will keep me coming back!😀

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